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Google Maps takes on Yelp, offers prizes for local map experts

Google Maps offers a ton of local info when you use the navigation system on your Android or Apple smartphone, including local businesses, eateries, or interesting spots. The company is expanding its Local Guides program in Google Maps, which will let you share your own discoveries directly to the map, making it more useful for […]

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Steve Jobs director lashes out at ‘hindsight experts’

The new Steve Jobs movie has bombed at the box office — but director Danny Boyle thinks the failure has nothing to do with the movie he made, but rather the decision to open it nationally too quickly. “We did brilliantly the first two weekends,” he said. “Then [the studio] went too wide too soon, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Former Apple retail boss’ new gadget site will send tech experts to your home

Ron Johnson, a.k.a. the former Apple retail guru who played a key role in launching the Apple Store, has officially launched his new startup. Called Enjoy Technology, Johnson’s website sells dozens of high-end tech gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, speakers, tablets,…Read more ›

New audio app puts the wisdom of career experts in your pocket

There are self-help books and expensive seminars that can give powerful inspiration to raise your career profile, be a better leader or grow your business. Then there’s the free app that could potentially be a game-changer in less than three…Read more ›

Samsung battery experts allegedly fleeing to build iCar

Apple is continuing to provide credible reasons that it may be working on an electric vehicle, as a new report suggests that Cupertino is in the midst of hiring away battery experts from major companies involved with the car industry.…Read more ›

Mysterious Apple minivans are mapping vehicles, experts say

The mysterious Apple minivans roaming the roads in California, Florida and elsewhere are generally assumed to be self-driving cars, but they are not. They are almost undoubtedly collecting data for maps. They are “almost certainly a mapping vehicle,” said Paul…Read more ›

USB security is fundamentally broken, claim security experts

According to findings by security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell, USB sticks may be profoundly broken, with no way around it. Nohl and Lell have highlighted a flaw in USB devices which potentially offer hackers the ability to sidestep…Read more ›

PDF Expert’s biggest update yet brings new features and iPhone support

Readdle today rolled out its biggest update yet for PDF Expert 5, one of the finest PDF editing apps for iOS. It adds support for continuous scrolling and calculations, improves performance, and makes PDF Expert a universal app — so you…Read more ›

Apple Experts Ask: Are Apple’s Best Days Ahead?

Predicting the future of Apple is probably the no. 1 party game in Silicon Valley.  The venerable Churchill Club, which has been gathering luminaries to discuss tech in Menlo Park since 1985, has assembled a panel of experts who have…Read more ›    [Read More…]

European Aviation Experts Determine That iOS Devices Won’t Crash Airplanes

Ever feel like the fact that using a tablet during takeoff and landing was banned for passengers — while allowable to pilots — was a bit of a safety double-standard? Ages ago, my Cult of Mac brother in arms John…Read more ›    [Read More…]