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Fun Game: Camp Was Very Entertaining ‘Til the Six Missing Kids Required Some Explaining

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a fun, casual downloadable game for Mac you can play over the weekend. This week go back to the summer camp you attended when you were a kid in the 80s, where several friends went missing and were never found. Download it now

Sable Maze: Sullivan River (Collector Version)(adventure/hidden objects) – You keep having these recurrent nightmares and the only way you  [Read More…]

AT&T Will Now Make You A Personalized Monthly Video Explaining Your Bill

Each month I get my AT&T bill there are usually some small charges hidden away somewhere and I have to hunt through the endless pages of info trying to find out why my bill is off. The cascade of frustration usually results in me calling AT&T asking for an explaination on why this bill is different from last month if I didn’t have any overages.

AT&T customer care is probably tired  [Read More…]

pod2g Updates Blog With A5 Jailbreak FAQ Explaining Why it is Not Currently Possible

A4 iDevice users have been enjoying the labor of love that is the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak for over a week now. However, A5 device owners (iPhone 4S and iPad 2) still live in a jailbreakless world, and apparently many have expressed their displeasure to pod2g. This displeasure resulted in pod2g posting the following FAQ on his blog this morning. It explains, in brief, why an A5 jailbreak is currently not possible. How could pod2g  [Read More…]