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Apple is joining the phablet craze right before sales explode past laptops

Apple might reveal its first ever phablet next week with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, and while many Apple fanboys question the need for an iPhone the size of a dinner plate, IDC’s latest market projections reveal Apple is about to…Read more ›

Stand Back! iOS Market Share Is About to Explode!

Gold 5S and 5C  Everybody likes whining about Apple. The company doesn’t innovate anymore, critics say. Their new phones are boring, the same old wine in a line of colorful new bottles. The “S” releases are always just tweaks of yesterday’s iPhone, and are not fundamentally different. Android phones dominate global market share, and have caught up to […]

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700 Pound iNuke Boom iPhone Speaker Dock Uses 10,000W To Make Your Head Explode

Not happy with your iPhones tinny speaker? If youve got 30 Gs to help solve the problem, BEHRINGER is ready to sell you the biggest, baddest iPhone/iPod speaker dock this side of Mount Olympus: the iNuke Boom, a 700 pound monster speaker system measuring 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall that can output up to 10,000 watts of sound. Holy crap. That thing will have you sneezing skeleton. The  [Read More…]