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Apple has already fixed the latest Siri exploit

Well, that didn’t take long. Just one day after reports came out of a Siri exploit that left iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users’ photos and contacts accessible without a passcode, Apple has adjusted its digital assistant’s behavior to close the hole. News of the gap came out Monday, and while it didn’t affect every […]

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Latest Siri exploit is super specific (and avoidable)

Siri might be a (halfway) decent digital assistant, but it makes for a lousy security guard. We’ve heard about a bunch of “sneaky” ways that evildoers can use a Siri to get access to your photos, contacts, or just completely unlock your phone without entering a passcode or using Touch ID. Luckily, most of them […]

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Super-simple exploit lets malware creep onto your Mac

Apple’s Gatekeeper feature was designed to keep even the most advanced users from accidentally installing malicious software on their computers, but a super-simple exploit lets hackers sneak malware onto your Mac. The exploit was discovered by Patrick Wardle, director of research at security firm Synack. Wardle found that the exploit is made possible thanks to […]

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iOS mail exploit might let phishers snatch your Apple ID credentials

iOS security researchers Jan Souček has discovered a new bug iOS’s mail client that could trick users into accidentally giving attackers their AppleID and password. The Mail app exploit was discovered at the beginning of 2015, and Apple’s engineers were…Read more ›

Apple plans to exploit low interest rates in Swiss franc bond sale

Apple is sitting on more cash than King Midas could dream of, but instead of bringing that money back to the U.S. to fund stock buybacks, Apple is reportedly looking to exploit Switzerland’s low interest rates with a Swiss Franc…Read more ›

Apple: ‘Vast majority of OS X users’ need not worry about Shellshock exploit

Security researchers recently uncovered a bug in Bash, a core shell tool used in Linux and Unix computers for the last couple of decades. OS X is built on Unix, so concern arose about the Mac’s vulnerability to hackers exploiting…Read more ›

Sorry, Jailbreakers! Apple Kills Evasi0n Exploit In iOS 7.1 Beta 4

Every time, the game of cat-and-mouse between Cupertino and jailbreakers goes like this. Apple releases a new version of iOS, patching existing jailbreak exploits. Jailbreakers poke and prod at the code for a few months, until they find a new…Read more ›    [Read More…]

An All New iOS 6.1 Exploit Lets Hackers Bypass iPhone Lockscreen Without Passcode

iPhone Self Improvement

It’s only been a few weeks since the first lockscreen hack was discovered on iOS 6.1, but some researchers have already discovered a new way to bypass the iPhone’s lockscreen without entering the security PIN.

The bug was found in iOS 6.1 by Benjamin Kunx Mejri, and it follows some of the steps as the last exploit but has some variation in the steps, and it allows an attacker to  [Read More…]

Security Experts: Zero-Day Java 7 Exploit Is Super Dangerous To Mountain Lion Macs

According to several U.S. security agencies, a hack burrowing dangerously around the web through browser-based Java software has already hit Windows and is a serious danger to Mountain Lion OS X.

While the latest Java update, Java 7, has seen stable performance, security personnel have warned it is vulnerable to numerable exploits over the last year. Oracle has consistently updated critical patches to fix security bugs, with the last update two months ago fixing  [Read More…]

Apple Brushes Off SMS Exploit Despite Warnings By Prominent Hacker

It appears Apple’s arrogance is getting in the way of protecting its users from a long standing SMS exploit that could allow potential hackers to spoof a reply-to number, causing the recipient to think he/she is replying to a legitimate contact, when in reality, their information is being sent to the hackers designated address. As you can imagine, this is quite troublesome, yet Apple has brushed it away despite numerous pleas  [Read More…]