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The Macworld Expo conference is no more

Macworld Expo, the conference where Steve Jobs unveiled products like the original iPhone and MacBook Air, is no more. After closing Macworld magazine and laying off much of its staff, parent company IDG has announced that 2015’s Macworld/iWorld Expo has…Read more ›

Making Sense Out Of The Penny Arcade Expo – Apple Gaming Is Alive And Well [PAX 2013]

iPad ControlsSEATTLE, PAX 2013 – As I sit here on the 10th floor of Seattle’s public library, I’m trying to make some sense of the last four days of gaming conference, the Penny Arcade Expo. It’s not like gaming is as important as, say, the current crisis in Syria, or attempts to fight poverty and homelessness, […]

The post Making Sense Out Of The Penny Arcade Expo – Apple Gaming Is  [Read More…]

Macworld Re-Branded as iWorld Ahead of January Expo

It’s a new beginning for Macworld, the iconic yearly event dedicated to all things Apple that began in 1985. Once a mainstream platform by which Apple would introduce new products and services, the Cupertino tech titan formally withdrew from participation in the annual event in 2009. Despite the significant loss of Apple’s involvement, the expo rolls on. And next year, it will sport a new name. Further emphasizing the importance of iOS to all Apple  [Read More…]