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American Express bringing Apple Pay to Canada

American Express has reportedly confirmed that AmEx users in Canada will be able to use Apple Pay this week, beginning Tuesday, November 17. This is in keeping with what Tim Cook said during Apple’s recent monster earnings call, during which he said that AmEx is bringing Apple Pay to Canada and Australia this year, while […]

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DIY electric train lets you build your own Polar Express

For the kid expecting a Lionel model train set under the Christmas tree, unwrapping a pack of copper wire, a couple of magnets and a battery is sure to disappoint. But show them how to make a train out of…Read more ›

Apple adds American Express, Visa, MasterCard as mobile payment partners

After years of reports saying that NFC is coming to the iPhone for mobile payments, it looks like it will finally be a reality on September 9th. Part leaks have indicated that Apple’s next-gen iPhone hardware will indeed be equipped…Read more ›

The Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock Adds Additional Ports To Your MacBook [Macworld 2013]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrHM1es2_YQ?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]


While Apple’s newer notebooks like the MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro are certainly aesthetically pleasing, some trade offs had to be made in order to achieve such thin machines. Apple has been slowly paring down the number of ports it includes on its notebooks, most notable with the MacBook Air.

Even though these machines are becoming more and more capable all the time, the  [Read More…]

New Second Version of HDR Express Is a Ghostbuster

No, it’s not Egon. HDR Express, the enthusiast-level high dynamic range Mac app from Unified Color Technologies, is now out in a new version with improved de-ghosting algorithms for images with moving subjects, among a handful of other interesting new features.

(If you’re not familiar with high dynamic range: HDR is a process that takes multiple exposures of the same images — sometimes as many as nine — and combines  [Read More…]

Apple Releases Logic Pro & Logic Express 9.1.7 Updates

Apple fixes bugs and improves performance with Logic Pro and Logic Express 9.1.7.

Apple has released updates to its Logic Pro and Logic Express music editing software today, improving the stability of both applications and addressing minor issues that may have plagued some users in the previous release. The version 9.1.7 updates are available to download now from the Mac App Store, or via Software Update. Apples release notes for  [Read More…]

Intel Looking to Make Thunderbolt Even Faster With PCI Express 3.0

According toIDG NewsIntel is working on moving its Thunderbolt I/O standard to the PCI-Express 3.0 protocol. Currently Intel and Apples I/O lovechild Thunderbolt is based on the PCI-Express 2.0 protocol. The move to PCI-Express could potentially double data transfer speeds over current implementations of Thunderbolt. Intel in the future will support the PCI-Express 3.0 protocol to shuttle data faster between host devices and peripherals, an Intel spokesman said in an email. Computers with Thunderbolt interconnect  [Read More…]

Apple Logic Express Updated

Logic Express is Apple’s premier sound-editing software. Are you an audiophile who likes to edit audio and make music on computers? Apple’s Logic Express might be worth checking out. It’s an easy-to-use application software like generally all of Apple’s applications that allows you to move sounds around to shift beats and rhythms to make nice home-made music and sounds. The interface may remind you a lot of Garageband, the famous music editing studio that is  [Read More…]

Dragon Express Brings Siri-Like Speech-To-Text To Your Mac

Want Siri-like abilities on your Mac? Nuance has just launched their latest Dragon product onto the Mac App Store. Called Dragon Express, the $ 49 app brings Nuance speech recognition to your menu bar the same powerful engine Siri uses to crunch your voice!   Dragon Express is a scaled back version of Dragon Dictate that sits in your Lion menubar. Just trigger a keyboard shortcut or mouse click to  [Read More…]

Apple to Set Up Express Lanes in Retail Stores Tonight for Busy Christmas Period

Apple retail employees are reportedly holding an overnight tonight which will be used to construct express lanes that will make shopping easier during the busy holiday period. The lanes provide customers with quick and easy access to popular products and accessories, and are staffed by several Apple Specialists. Apple has used express lanes to cope with a surge in demand during busy periods before, so their introduction in the run  [Read More…]