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How to Remove Safari Extensions on Mac

Safari for Mac allows for optional third party browser extensions to be installed, performing functions like social sharing, note taking, interface with apps like 1password, amongst others. Sometimes Safari extensions can be useful, but sometimes they are no longer needed, or they can be problematic and cause freezes or trouble with Safari or for the … Read More

How to Batch Change File Extensions in Mac OS

Have you ever wanted to change a group of files file extensions in Mac OS? For example, lets say you wanted to change a bunch files with a .htm extension to .html, or a group of files from extension tie .JPEG to .PNG. We’ll show you how to easily batch change a group of file … Read More

How to Enable Extensions in iOS Share Sheets

Extensions are optional add-ons to iOS that can bring additional features from third party apps into the broader iOS Share Sheet menus. Extensions can allow for a wide range of tasks, including interacting with apps, sharing to specific services, photo editing features, uploading, and quite a bit more, and once enabled, they’re easily accessible from … Read More

Extensions are coming to Microsoft Office for iOS

Microsoft has gone from shunning Apple products to making the world’s best iOS apps quicker than Jony Ive can say aluminum. This morning at the company’s Build conference for developers, Microsoft revealed its plan to make you fall back in…Read more ›

7 amazing extensions we want to see in iOS 8

iOS 8 will bring Extensions to your iPhone and iPad. Extensions are essentially miniature versions of apps that can be run inside other apps. For instance, if you have Evernote installed on your iPhone, you could pop up the Evernote…Read more ›

How To Enter Extensions For Conference Rooms In Contacts App [iOS Tips]

We’ve all had to do it: make those conference calls to services that require you to enter in a code, or a room number, or what have you. If you call these numbers frequently and want to save a little…Read more ›

Show Filename Extensions in Mac OS X

File Extensions Shown in Mac OS X File extensions (.jpg, .txt, .pdf, etc) are hidden by default in Mac OS X, this makes for a cleaner user experience and is fine for most users, but it drives me nuts and itís one of the first things I change when setting up a Mac. You can either set all extensions to be displayed through a universal setting, or you can set extensions  [Read More…]

How to Manually Install Kernel Extensions in Mac OS X

Kext files Canít use the easy Kext Drop app for some reason to install a kernel extension? Installing kexts (kernel extensions) manually is always an option and itís not too difficult if youíre comfortable with the command line: Copy the .kext file(s) to /System/Library/Extensions/ Open the Terminal and type: cd /System/Library/Extensions/ Type the following commands at the terminal, replacing the kext name with the one you are installing sudo chmod -R  [Read More…]

Cydia Adds New Featured Extensions and Tweaks Guide

One of the iconic features of Cydia undoubtedly is the Cydia home page. The interface hasn’t changed for a long time and its overall layout and style has been a defining factor for what Cydia is all about. The tabs inside this window include links to Cydia’s various social networks, Featured, Themes, Cydia Store: Products, and much more. The Featured page specifically has generally been the area where companies with Cydia products are able to  [Read More…]