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Facebook videos are about to get extremely intelligent

Facebook is upping its game with video.  Soon, Facebook will be able to automatically identify friends in videos and tag them. Better yet, it’ll store this information so when you want to find that moment again, you could find the video by searching for your friend’s name and then jump straight to when they appear […]

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Retina iPad Mini Will Debut Tuesday At $329, But Be Extremely Constrained [Analyst]

Will the new iPad mini have a Retina Display or won’t it? That’s the question everyone wants to know ahead of Apple’s Tuesday iPad event. According to everyone’s favorite goofball analyst, Peter Misek, the answer is yes… but it may…Read more ›

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Carl Icahn Says AAPL Is ‘Extremely Undervalued’ After Phone Call With Tim Cook

o-CARL-ICAHN-NETFLIX-facebookAAPL shares rose 5.6% in value today value today after word came out that billionaire investor Carl Icahn thinks the company is ‘extremely undervalued.’ The stock was trading above $493 a share after 3PM ET today – a nice $26 jump up from the stock’s closing price on Monday. Icahn revealed on Twitter that he […]

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It’s Ugly and Extremely Orange, But It’ll Keep Your iPad from Drowning

LifeProof has definitely made an impact with the digital outdoors; seems I run into their sleek, modular, waterproof iPhone cases everywhere (we love them, btw). Now, the company is focusing on their new Nüüd iPad case, and the second available accessory for the case is the LifeJacket, a flotation device that fits around the waterproof Nüüd case and keeps the iPad from sinking into the murky depths after you’ve, say, calculated  [Read More…]

Pick Up This Extremely Rare 128K Mac Prototype For A Cool $100,000

That’s a lot of money for an old Mac.

Remember the Mac 128K prototype with the 5.25-inch Twiggy drive? Our own Adam Rosen showed you the prototype in detail several months ago, and a model has now surfaced on eBay. The cost to own this piece of Apple history? $ 100,000. Adam explains: Production Mac models used 3.5-inch 400k floppy disk drives, a format Apple largely introduced to the world.  [Read More…]

Study Shows iPad Customer Satisfaction Extremely High, Unwilling to Share iPad

A new study from the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) shows that nearly 84% of iPad customers claim they are satisfied with their device. SURL had respondents reply to a number of questions including user-friendliness, what they liked best about the iPad, what they use the device for, and what other devices they use. An interesting testament to the popularity of Amazons Kindle: 23% of respondents said they owned or use a Kindle in addition  [Read More…]