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Supercharge your SD card with IFTTT’s new Eyefi channel

If you’ve got an EyeFi wireless SD card in your camera, or even just rattling around inside your desk drawer, IFTTT has just made it a lot more powerful. A new update to the powerful web-based automation engine has supercharged…Read more ›

Eye-Fi Cloud, Unlimited, Automatic Cloud Storage For All Your Photos

Eye-Fi – the company that makes the Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards we use for covering trade-shows – has launched a Eye-Fi Cloud, a new app and service that stores all your photos in the cloud, whether you took them on your…Read more ›

How We Covered The Mobile World Congress With iPhones And Eye-Fi [Feature]

Last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, a curious, unexpected thing happened: I used an Eye-Fi Mobi card to shoot and share photos from my camera to my iPhone and it worked – almost flawlessly. As regular…Read more ›    

Camera Connection Kit Powers Eye-Fi Transfers, No Camera Required

Here’s a fantastic tip for iPhoneographers: did you know that you can transfer photos from your Wi-Fi-enabled SD card to your iPad while it is connected to the iPad using the camera connection kit? This amazing nugget was discovered by The iPad For Photographers author Jeff Carlson. The obvious way to suck in your pictures […]

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Eye-Fi Mobi: Finally, Eye-Fi Gets It Right [Review]

IMG_2417.JPGMobi byEye-Fi Category: SD cards Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Price: $50 I have used a variety of Eye-Fi cards in the past, both top-end, RAW-compatible Eye-Fi branded cards, and SanDisk’s licensed versions. And all of them have sucked. But the folks at Photojojo insisted I try out the new 8GB Eye-Fi mobi, a card […]

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