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Apple takes aim at Facebook with photo-sharing patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today published a patent application from Apple, describing a way of identifying people in digital images using facial recognition technology, before sending a copy of the image to everyone featured in it by pulling their contact details from your device. The concept is highly reminiscent of Facebook’s recent Moments app, […]

Facebook is working on a Siri rival with a difference

Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Microsoft has Cortana, and soon Facebook may have the James Bond-inspired Moneypenny. According to a new report, Facebook will introduce the assistant as part of its Facebook Messenger app, letting Facebook users set… Read more ›

Facebook security chief begs Adobe to kill Flash

Though Adobe Flash has been dying a slow death over the past few years, it’s far from dead yet. However, it seems like some people are getting pretty impatient with it and Facebook’s new chief security officer Alex Stamos is… Read more ›

Apple Music to face new competition from Facebook

Spotify and Apple Music are now the two major players in the battle for music streaming supremacy, but if Facebook has its way the world’s most popular social network may also become the best place to discover and listen to… Read more ›

Facebook is making it easier to organize your News Feed

Facebook is making a pretty big update to its iOS app today — for the first time ever giving users a major say in how their News Feed is organized. As anyone who has ever agonized over whether to unfriend… Read more ›

Facebook Messenger update will even let haters use it

The latest update to Facebook’s Messenger app will let you use it even if you don’t have (or want) an account for the social-media platform. It’s still Facebook, though, so you’re going to have to cough up some personal info.… Read more ›

Download the latest Cult of Mac Magazine to find out what we’re all expecting from next week’s WWDC 2015, why we’re waiting for HomeKit’s killer app, what Kahney’s Korner has to say about the big Jony Ive promotion, a bit… Read more ›

Much to our horror, Cult of Mac’s Facebook page got hacked Monday and turned into a spam site. The hackers have locked us out and we’re finding it impossible to regain control. We’re trying desperately to contact Facebook, but the… Read more ›

How to annoy your Facebook friends with GIFs

Facebook and GIFs seem like they’ve both been fixtures of the Internet forever, but it has taken until 2015 for the two to finally hookup. Starting today, Facebook users can annoy friends with the most amazing GIFs the web has… Read more ›

How to hide your location from Facebook stalkers

Anyone you exchange messages with via Facebook Messenger could know where you’ve been at any point. If you’ve chatted with your boss? He could use this hack to figure out your sick days weren’t spent at home. Facebook intern Aran… Read more ›