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How to Merge Faces in iOS Photos & Improve Facial Recognition

One of the many new features in iOS 10 is facial recognition software, which automatically scans every photo on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, determines what is a person, who has a unique face, and then automatically sorts those pictures into a “People” photos album for each unique face. The face recognition aspect of … Read More

iCloud hacker behind ‘The Fappening’ faces five years in prison

Almost 19 months after the mass leaking of naked celeb photos known as “The Fappening,” a man has been arrested for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act — and faces up to five years in prison as a result. Ryan Collins of Pennsylvania is pleading guilty to hijacking more than 100 accounts using phishing emails disguised as official […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple faces $862m fine for infringing university’s patent

Apple may face $ 862 million in damages for allegedly infringing on a patent owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s patent troll patent licensing wing, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. The Apple technologies which take advantage of said patent for increased processor efficiency? None other than the A7, A8 and A8X chips, which are found in the iPhone 5s, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Hacker gets custom watch faces running on the Apple Watch

Hamza Sood – the same hacker who managed to bring Flappy Bird to the Apple Watch as a native app – has just hacked Apple’s wearable to do something just as cool: run custom watch faces. This evening, Sood took to Twitter to post a 23-second long video, showing a custom watch face running on […][Read More…]

These ideas for Apple Watch faces are totally ‘mathematical’

The thing about the Apple Watch is that it’s got a limited number of functional, classy watch faces for you to swipe through and use during your day. It does not have a ton of wacky and totally personalized faces…Read more ›

Apple faces investigation by International Trade Commission

The Apple-Ericsson confrontation continues to heat up. The U.S. International Trade Commission says it will investigate Apple, based on two complaints alleging that Cupertino illegally infringed on Ericsson patents. Ericsson previously asked the ITC to block Apple products, such as the iPhone, from…Read more ›

Will Apple sell custom watch faces for the Apple Watch?

One of the big questions we’re looking forward to Apple answering at tomorrow’s Apple Watch event is actually a relatively simple one: can Apple Watch users add their own custom watch faces to the device? The answer to that question…Read more ›

4 digital demons you’ll want to punch in their stupid faces

Devilishly bonkers new game Saints Row: Gat out of Hell features a final boss fight against the Prince of Darkness himself. That’s pretty satisfying, despite the fact that this version of Satan possesses a beautiful singing voice. But not all…Read more ›

Hide Contacts & Faces from the Multitasking App Switcher in iOS 8

The app switcher in iOS, accessed by double-clicking on the Home button of an iPhone or iPad, is where you can quickly switch between running apps or quit out of apps you no longer want to be open. But with iOS 8, Apple decided to fill in the unused space above the open app cards … Read More

Apple might enlist Swatch to give iWatch fun faces

We’ve been waiting all year for Apple to finally reveal its long-rumored wearable creation, but if the big iWatch event ever does happen this year, we might be getting a lot more smartwatches than expected. Swatch and other watch makers…Read more ›