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FaceTime proposal leaves hopeless romantic stuck on a cliff

Whether it’s customizing a smartwatch to deliver the message, or persuading the developers of a popular app to help you win over the woman of your dreams, tech fans have certainly come up with some adorably neat ways to propose to their loved ones over the years. Decidedly less so was the plight of Apple user […]

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See How Much Data a FaceTime Call Uses on iPhone

FaceTime is the lovely video chat service that is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac OS X, and while it’s a lot of fun to use and helps keep people in touch, something to keep in mind is that FaceTime can use quite a bit of data as it’s essentially streaming and uploading … Read More

These two seals talk over FaceTime every day because they’re in love

FaceTime makes it easier to keep in touch with loved ones, no matter where you are. And that’s apparently true even for seals. Here’s the adorable story. Babyface and Sija are two seals from the UK’s Cornish Seal Sanctuary, who conceived two pups together, despite the fact that Sija was on seal contraception (really). Consequently, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch 2 will add FaceTime camera, better WiFi and more

The Apple Watch has only just landed in Apple Stores, and already a bevy of Apple Watch 2 rumors are basically rendering it outdated. According to a new report, not only is a second-generation Apple Watch coming next year, but…Read more ›

iOS 9 hints at huge improvements to future FaceTime cameras

The next wave of iOS devices could sport some huge improvements to their front-facing camera, according to referrences found in iOS 9 that hints to the upcoming devices. It’s been rumored for months that the iPhone’s rear camera could be…Read more ›

Fix for Mac Randomly Asking for Password to iCloud, FaceTime, Messages

A notable amount of Mac users have discovered that a random OS X password popup window can appear from iCloud, FaceTime, or Messages, any of each asking for the respective iCloud password. The random password request is very non-specific and just has the logo, “iCloud Password – Please enter your password for [email protected]” with options … Read More

iMessage and FaceTime just got a lot harder to hack

Apple is making iMessage and FaceTime harder to hack by turning on two-step verification on both services in an effort to tighten security for iOS and Mac users. The extra security goes into effect today and gives users an extra layer of…Read more ›

Change the Mac Ringtone Sound for Incoming iPhone & FaceTime Calls

Now that the Continuity feature allows the Mac to receive incoming calls from your associated iPhone, in addition to standard FaceTime video and audio chat, you may want to take a moment to customize the ringtone that sounds when a call is coming to a particular Mac. This is particularly helpful with multiple-Mac environments with … Read More

If U.K. prime minister has his way, Apple will stop encrypting iMessage and FaceTime

One of the great things about iMessage and FaceTime is that it encrypts your messages automatically, making it very, very difficult for hackers to spy on the messages you send. But guess what? If U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron gets…Read more ›

Patent troll threatens Apple with court action over FaceTime

When you’re a company with the kind of bank that Apple has, it’s no wonder that you’d be a target for patent trolls. Well, it seems that the trolls are out from under their bridge again, because Secure Web Conference Corporation…Read more ›