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Feast on weird facts with What If? and this week’s top iTunes picks

Liveblog: Hard facts and cheap shots from Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call

Tim Cook and new CFO Luca Maestri are getting ready for Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call with investors that will reveal just how much cash the company raked in over the past three months — and what they should expect…

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How Big Are Cellphone Camera Sensors Anyway (And Other Interesting Facts)

TS520x0~cms_posts-1313669123-sensor_resolutions_newWhatever it is you want to know about cellphone camera sensors, you’ll probably find it in DP Review’s absurdly in-depth article on the subject. It details not only the common misconceptions about megapixels, but also many real world differences. And it contains the diagram shown at the top of this post, showing the size differences […]

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[Review] Chuck Norris Facts for Siri – Random Chuck Norris Facts

If you�re a Chuck Norris fan and you also happen to be a proud owner of a Siri-capable iOS device, then you may enjoy this newAssistantExtensions�add-on, which will give Siri the ability to spit out random facts about Chuck Norris every time you say his name. The add-on is called�Chuck Norris Facts for ChatBot/Siri�by iOS developer�iPodHacks142�and it is currently available for free in the Cydia store today.

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The Economist Dropped A Story On Mike Daisey When The Facts Didnt Check Out

Economist contributor and Macworld senior contributor Glenn Fleishman is a fan of Mike Daisey�s monologues, and was interested in writing about �The Agony & The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.�

But Fleishman spiked the story when some of the facts didn�t check out.


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Facts About Battery Life With iOS 4.3

A number of users are experiencing extremely poor battery life after upgrading their iDevices to iOS 4.3. This update is brings with it a host of innovative features and enhancements to existing ones, but unfortunately battery life seems to have taken a drastic hit in the process. Some users are seeing their battery life fall as much as 20% after installing the update.

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3 honest Facts you Should Know about Geohot

For who don’t know Geohot, here’s some facts you should know. Geohot never pirated a PS3 game and he don’t have PSN account. Besides he’s never hacked anything that he didn’t own.

To people new to this site, three honest to god facts about me:

* I have never pirated a PS3 game in my life, nor helped or encouraged people to do so * I have never played PlayStation online, never mind cheated, nor  [Read More…]