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Samsung’s ‘jihadist’ jibe could result in Apple peace talks failing

George Orwell once wrote that, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” Yesterday we reported on the fact that Samsung and Apple were sitting down to negotiate an end to the ongoing litigation…Read more ›

Recover Files & Data from a Failing Hard Drive in Mac OS X the Simple Way

Hard drive failing Hard drive failures are never fun but they are a fact of computing life whether you use a Mac or PC. Sometimes drives can truck along for many years before going bad, and other times you wind up with a drive that goes kaput after just a few months of normal use. Regardless of when it happens (and it will), we’re going to focus on the most simple  [Read More…]

How An Apple Rumor Can Swing A Failing TV Maker’s Stock Value

No, this isn't Apple's iTV.

No, this isn’t Apple’s iTV.

You probably haven’t heard of a German company called Loewe. The high-end TV maker hasn’t done so well at selling ultra-expensive HDTVs as of late, and its peripheral business isn’t doing so hot either.

It’s amazing to see how Apple can affect the stock value of another company. After a debunked report from last year claimed that Apple was planning to buy Loewe, yet  [Read More…]

Is Apple Really Failing?


Apple has “stumbled lately.” That’s the overwhelming consensus coming from the press, blogosphere and Wall Street recently.

Demand for the iPad and iPhone is dropping, we’re told, and Apple isn’t doing interesting or exciting things anymore.

Here’s what’s going on. 

Big iPad, Small Demand; Small iPad, Big Demand

Reuters says Sharp, which is one of the companies making displays for iPads, has slowed production, possibly because of a reduced demand for  [Read More…]

Apple Is Still Failing When It Comes To Selling Apps To Businesses And Schools

Apple’s volume purchase program falls short for many schools and businesses.

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is the company’s half-hearted attempt to deliver some form of enterprise licensing program for the iOS App Store. The program does make it marginally easier for businesses to bulk purchase and deploy apps to iPhones and iPads than telling employees to buy apps and then reimbursing them, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.  [Read More…]

Apple Failing to Exploit Two-Thirds of Potential iPhone Market in Asia

Despite the unprecedented growth and revenues Apple has enjoyed across the Asian continent, a new report shows that Apple continues to come up short in tapping the full potential of this emerging mobile market. According to analyst Katy Huberty, Apple is yet to penetrate approximately 67% of the Asian market. Although MMi and others have reported on a consistent basis in recent months about Apple’s expanding carrier relationships in the far east, the truth of  [Read More…]