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Dating app Blume makes sure your amour isn’t a fake

Online dating services promise plenty of fish in the sea. They just can’t stop the catfish from biting. But the pretenders might not have the same luck with the new dating app Blume. Once a match is made, the two users must exchange selfies, using the smartphone camera in-app, before any communication can begin. “The […]

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How to avoid fake iOS crash scam that wants to steal your cash

An iOS scam designed to cheat people out of money is being reported by users in both the United States and the U.K. A number of iPhone and iPad users have received pop-up notifications on their devices informing them that…Read more ›

Samsung paid 500 fake fans to attend Galaxy S6 China launch

Samsung is trying to match the iPhone 6 in every way with the launch on the Galaxy S6. That includes pre-launch hype with over 1,000 people at events clamoring for a look at the new flagship phone, but in Samsung’s…Read more ›

Fake Apple Store employees try to sell customers on Microsoft

I’ve always found the people who work in Apple Stores to be incredibly helpful and, considering that their job is to sell you on expensive products, honest. One thing that’s never happened to me, however, is having an Apple Store employee…Read more ›

Fassbender poses as Steve Jobs in fake NeXT poster

Filming for the upcoming Steve Jobs moving got underway yesterday at the San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House for a major scene in the movie where Steve Jobs unveils the NeXT computer in October 1988. The set was crowded as…Read more ›

’50 Shades of Buscemi’ trailer is like a giant fake phallus in your face

What could possibly make the treacly, soft-focus trailer for the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey any better than Steve Buscemi? Nothing, that’s what. Unfortunately, even the googly-eyed, wacky-toothed character actor can’t save the awful trailer, as we can see…Read more ›

Fake university uses Apple Store pics to lure unsuspecting students

Move over Xiaomi! While it’s easy to claim that China’s biggest smartphone upstart holds the crown for boldest Apple ripoff artist, Xiaomi has nothing on the Suwen University of Hong Kong. If you haven’t heard of Suwen University, don’t worry:…Read more ›

Fake ‘Apple Watch prototype’ sells for hundreds on eBay

We still don’t have a launch date for Apple Watch, but if you can’t wait to line up at Apple Stores for Jony Ive’s timepiece, you can now do that next best thing and buy a knock off on eBay.…Read more ›

You can already buy a fake Apple Watch for just $35

LAS VEGAS — I got an Apple Watch at CES today, and it only cost 35 bucks. It doesn’t have a functional Digital Crown, apps, or even a touch screen. But it looks exactly like an Apple Watch, and in…Read more ›

‘Fake Steve Jobs’ lands new gig as Silicon Valley’s sharpest tongue

Dan Lyons, the tech blogger who skewered Apple for years on the popular blog ‘Fake Steve Jobs‘, is making a return to tech blogging as editor-in-chief of Gawker’s anti-Silicon Valley site, Valleywag. Current Valleywag EIC Nitasha Tiku is leaving the…Read more ›