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Apple Sued By Breaking Bad Fans Over False Season Pass Claims

Breaking-Bad-Season-5Apple has been targeted by a class action lawsuit for falsely advertising a Season Pass for the final season of Breaking Bad. The season was split into two parts, but those who purchased a Season Pass were angered when they discovered that the eight episodes included in the second part were not included, and that they would have […]

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Cook Calls Claims of Factory Worker Mistreatment “Patently False and Offensive”

Apples CEO Tim Cook recently took the time to respond to a report made by the New York Times that pointed fingers at Apple over an alleged permissiveness and indifference for workers conditions in China. In his email, Cook rebutted the accusations by saying any suggestions that we dont care is patently false and offensive to us. For those of you who arent in the loop, aNYT reportcited former Apple executives as making comments such  [Read More…]

Apple Accuses Amazon of ‘False Advertising’

On the heels of hot and heavy rumors suggesting that Amazon is poised to release a smartphone to compete with the iPhone next year, Apple is blasting the juggernaut online retailer for “false advertising.” And, as you might imagine, this has something to do with this week’s successful launch of the Kindle Fire tablet. Having already filed suit against Amazon over its use of the term “App Store,” Apple took matters further Wednesday by amending  [Read More…]