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Octopus tries to eat camera that made him famous

GoPro may have a new celebrity endorser, but he seems like a real sour pus. An octopus in the neuroscience lab at Middlebury College apparently did not like having a GoPro placed in its tank. It turned the camera around…Read more ›

9 of the most famous Apple fanboys of all time

A Famous Steve Jobs Speech Is Hidden on Your Mac

Every Mac which has the Pages app for OS X installed includes a little Easter Egg that few know about; a famous Steve Jobs speech, tucked away in a little unassuming folder. Technically, it’s two different Steve Jobs speeches, the famous text from the Crazy Ones Think Different campaign, and arguably the even more famous … Read More

Samsung drafts famous iPhone user for its awesome new ad

Samsung gets a lot of stick for its commercials — mostly because they almost always make cheap stabs at Apple and other rivals. But the South Korean company does have the ability to produce great ads every so often, and its…Read more ›

Lifestyles of the rich and famous independent software developer

SAN FRANCISCO — Victor Broido has an enviable lifestyle. He lives and works 200 yards from a sun-kissed beach. He often kitesurfs before work. Sometimes he surfs during work. “It was my dream, as a kid, to surf for an…Read more ›

Twitter’s New Music App Is Out, But Only If You’re Famous Enough

ryan searcrest

You are not this guy.

Twitter’s rumored music app technically exists, and it even has its own website. But normal people can’t use it yet. Twitter was expected to unveil a standalone music app to the world sometime today, but it turns out that the social network is doing a promotion with celebrities to generate more hype. This is all timed with the Coachella music festival this weekend, of course.

So for  [Read More…]

The iPhone & iPad Are Killing Nintendo As Famous Game Maker Posts First Ever Annual Loss

Is it time to retire game consoles? Thats the question buzzing around in the wake of Nintendo announcing its first yearly loss, forcing a downgrade of the 3DS future. The creator of Super Mario said it lost $ 575 million (45 billion yen), surprising experts forecasting a $ 52 million (4.2 billion yen) deficit. The unspoken push over the precipice: the iPad and iTunes App Store games. Coming just a  [Read More…]

Famous iPhone And PlayStation 3 Hacker George Hotz Spotted Coding At iOSDevCamp [PICTURE]

George Hotz, who was famous for unlocking the very first iPhone back in 2007, and remained active within the iOS hacking community ever since, was spotted at iOSDevCamp on Saturday. iOSDevCamp If youre not aware, iOSDevCamp is a developer-oriented conference about iOS geared towards developers of the platform, set up to encourage collaborative development, where the vast majority of the time spent is dedicated to showing off code developed by attendants. As a  [Read More…]