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Apple fanboys fooled into thinking Android on iPhone is iOS 9

Loyal iPhone fans will argue iOS is much better than Android, but many have never even used Google’s platform. That’s proven in the hilarious video below, in which Apple fanboys are fooled into thinking Lollipop running on an iPhone is the iOS 9 update that’s coming this fall. The guys behind YouTube channel Dit Is […][Read More…]

Sorry, fanboys: TRON light cycle could have been yours for $77,000

If you’ve been secretly longing to recreate that famous light cycle scene from TRON in real life, you’re now out of luck, as the only working model we know of has now sold at auctioneer Sotheby’s for a not-horrendous price…Read more ›

iPhone 8 concept fast-forwards fanboys to 2018

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 began just over two months ago, but I’m already looking forward to shelling out cash for the iPhone 8 now that Steel Drake published this glass unibody iPhone concept. The design keeps its familiar form…Read more ›

Apple and Android fanboys unite to boycott NFC payment blocking

Just like one of The Avengers — where bickering superheroes team up to fight a far more oppressive evil — Apple and Android fans on reddit have united forces to boycott what they see as the unethical blocking of NFC…Read more ›

9 of the most famous Apple fanboys of all time

Check Out This Apple Fanboy’s Tattoo Memorial For Steve Jobs [Image]

We’ve seen enough Apple tattoos to last a lifetime. Most of them are terrible, and some are cool, but it’s Steve Jobs Day so why not show off another one?  Here’s one Apple fanboy’s memorial tattoo for Steve Jobs to help “keep him in mind,” which isn’t really our sort of thing, but if you want a permanent reminder about El Jobso, go do your thang.



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Apple Fanboys, This Is The Perfect Portable Speaker For You

If your iPhone 5 speakers aren’t loud enough when you’re trying to have an impromptu Lady Gaga dance party, you might wanna look into getting a portable speaker that can keep your beats fast and your base down low.

The iAudio 2 portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for Apple Fanboys. It even looks like something Apple would make and comes with a glowing Apple logo on the front, which really means  [Read More…]