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Fantastic Four meet their Doom in fiery new trailer

Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four is set to land in theaters next month, but fans who attended Comic-Con last week in San Diego got a special peek at the new Doctor Doom who’s threatening to end life as we…Read more ›

Kahney’s Korner: Why Jony Ive’s promotion is fantastic news for Apple

Can’t Apple’s design guru catch a break? After Jony Ive received a well-deserved promotion to become Apple’s chief design officer, some pundits misinterpreted the happy news as a bad omen. Our own Leander Kahney reads the tea leaves completely differently:…Read more ›

7 fantastic Apple Watch apps you need right now

Best of CES 2015: Get a glimpse of the fantastic future

LAS VEGAS — Walk the halls of the massive International CES trade show and you’ll be bombarded by an outrageous number of pitches for products with radical new features. You can glimpse the shiny happy future of consumer electronics at…Read more ›

VSCO’s fantastic photo editing app is finally available on iPad

When it comes to photo-editing apps on the iPhone, VSCO Cam has pretty much been the gold standard for the last few years, but to make the experience even better, the company announced today that it’s finally coming to the…Read more ›

Even Bill Gates thinks Apple Pay is ‘fantastic’

In the timeless game of hating on Apple, Bill Gates is an O.G. When his kids ask for iPads and MacBooks, he shoves a Microsoft Surface in their stockings. But when it comes to Apple Pay, even the former CEO of Microsoft thinks his old…Read more ›

Take better photographs today with the Fantastic Photography Bundle [Deals]

Cameras: We all have them. Some of us just use the camera feature built into our mobile phones. Some have simple and cost effective point and click cameras. While others have more expensive and feature laden digital SLR units. What…Read more ›

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Moshi’s VersaKeyboard is a fantastic case (and a pretty good keyboard)

I’m writing this review on a regular, full-size USB keyboard plugged into the Mac. That should be a warning sign right there — after all, this is a review of an iPad keyboard case. But that’s not the whole story.…Read more ›