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Get lost in Lifeline 2’s fantasy world on Apple Watch

Dave Justus is no stranger to writing video games, having written both Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us adventure game for Mac, PC and console, as well as the original Lifeline, a text-based story game that brought the epic struggles of an astronaut named Taylor to our wrists. With the help of 3 Minute Games’ lead […]

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Square Enix’s new apps are a dream come true for Final Fantasy nerds

It might be kind of hard to keep up with all of the Final Fantasy news that’s suddenly everywhere. We have a high-definition remake and an iOS port of PlayStation 1 classic role-playing game Final Fantasy VII in the works,…Read more ›

Your Final Fantasy V saves follow you wherever you go with iCloud syncing

First arriving on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) way back in 1992, Final Fantasy V is one of the greatest RPGs ever made — and thanks to a new update by Square Enix, its iOS port is now more playable…Read more ›

Fantasy keynote shows how Steve Jobs would have sold us on Apple Watch

Apple fans will never revel in the glory of another Stevenote. But an essay that imagines how Steve Jobs would have introduced the Apple Watch just might be the next best thing. Lesson No. 1: He wouldn’t have called it…Read more ›

8 amazing sci-fi and fantasy novels that would make great Hollywood blockbusters

Fantasy clashes with reality in wonky wonderlands

Real life gets old real quick. Work, chores, traffic jams, monotony — all the details of the daily grind infect the human body and build into a fever that only breaks when bags get packed. The search for diversion leads…Read more ›

Final Fantasy VI Makes Its Long Awaited iOS Debut [Video]

After what seems like a lifetime of anticipation, Final Fantasy VI for iOS has finally touched down in the App Store. Representing the FF series at its 2D peak, the game (which originally hit consoles back in 1994) takes place…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Now Available On The App Store

Following up on the successful release of Final Fantasy IV on iOS back in 2012, publisher Square-Enix is following it up with a sequel, which follows up on the characters and events of that game twenty years later. It’s called…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Final Fantasy VI Coming To iOS And Android This Winter

Square-Enix has a great habit of porting over their worst Final Fantasy games to iOS without ever giving iPhone or iPad owners the games they really want, like Final Fantasy VI or VII. That seems to be coming to an end, though: Square-Enix is finally releasing Final Fantasy VI, their best 16-bit Final Fantasy game […]

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Yahoo Launches Redesigned Fantasy Sports App Just In Time For Football Season

jjwattaYahoo announced today that it’s launching a completely redesigned Fantasy Sports app for iOS and Android, just in time for the all-important fantasy football season looming on the horizon. The redesigned app now lets you sign up for a league and draft players from your iPhone or iPad. There’s even some mock drafting help built-in […]

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