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Hey, Siri: Play a fart sound

If you’ve got the future strapped to your wrist and an iPhone paired with said Apple Watch, you can prank your friends with the lowest form of humor imaginable: the fart sound. You’ll also need Apple Music, as this trick…Read more ›

Apple: “We do not accept fart apps on the Apple Watch.”

Those of you who were hoping that the Apple Watch would usher in a new era of flatulation apps, prepare to be disappointed: Apple has already rejected the first app which serves no other purpose than to allow people to…Read more ›

Here come the Apple Watch fart apps

Oh god. What else is there to say? The first Apple Watch fart app is already in development. Called Fart Watch, the app looks to be a glorified Whoopee Cushion. The idea is you put your iPhone underneath someone’s seat…Read more ›