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Asus and Samsung, not Apple, have the fastest charging smartphones

What’s the fastest charging smartphone? It’s not an iPhone. If you care about how fast your phone goes from 0% to full charge, you should buy an Asus Zenfone 2 or Samsung Galaxy S6. Here’s why. The guys (guydes?) over at Tom’s Guide recently conducted a survey of the fastest charging smartphones. All smartphones have […][Read More…]

The easiest, fastest way to stream content from your iPhone to your Mac is now 33% off [Deals]

Want to show off your vacation photos on a larger screen than your phone? Or quickly pull up a presentation that’s only on your friend’s iPad? We’ve all at some point wished there was a simple solution for streaming videos, apps,…Read more ›

Save 85% on the fastest way to convert DVDs and videos and play them anywhere [Deals]

Play any video, on any device. This bundle at Cult of Mac Deals makes it easy to convert videos and rip DVDs for playback on all of your Apple and Android devices. It’s also one of the fastest solutions you’ll…Read more ›

Secret hardware upgrades make the iPad Air 2 the fastest frickin’ tablet on the planet

The iPad Air 2 is starting to hit doorsteps for preorders today, and already, the benchmarks are blowing us away, with an early Geekmark score showing that the iPar Air 2 is the fastest, most powerful tablet out there. Period.…Read more ›

This tap-based app wants to beat Yo for world’s fastest messanger

When Yo, an app which lets you send out one word messages (hint: they all read “yo!”), hit the App Store and raised $ 1 million in the process, it seemed that messaging apps had reached their minimalist bottom. Not so,…Read more ›

The fastest man alive gets the Smallville treatment this fall

Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, gets his own TV show this fall on the CW, the network that brought you Smallville for ten years. In this extended trailer (below), we get to see the fastest man alive’s origin,…Read more ›

Briefly, The Fastest Way To Turn Your Photos Into A Short Video

Briefly gets the award for most-appropriately-named app of the week. It lets you create neat little videos from your photos, and it does it really, really briefly. The app is currently Mac-only, with an iOS version coming soon. To use it you drop a bunch of photos onto its window, pick some music, choose an […]

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iPhone 5 Branded ‘Slowest Smartphone’ By Which? Magazine, Galaxy S4 The Fastest

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-front-reviewThe iPhone 5 has been branded the “slowest smartphone” by Which? magazine after going up against its latest rivals in a group of tests that evaluate processing power and graphics capabilities. The Galaxy S4, Samsung’s latest Android-powered flagship, came out top in the tests, with a rating almost double that of the iPhone’s. The iPhone 5, which […]

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Temple Run 2 Is The Fastest Downloaded Mobile Game In History


In my review of Temple Run 2, I called it an “awesome sequel.” Millions upon millions of people seem to agree. Temple Run 2 has become the fastest downloaded mobile game in history with 50 million downloads in just two weeks. The previous record was set by Rovio’s Angry Birds with 50 million downloads in 35 days.

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iPhone 5 May Not Have A Quad-Core CPU, But Its One Of The Fastest Smartphones Money Can Buy

That’s a fast smartphone.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 last week, the company promised that its custom A6 chip deliver performance twice as fast as its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. But according to the handset’s first benchmarks, this isn’tjustthe fastest iPhone yet it’s also one of the most powerful smartphones money can buy.

According to the Geekbench 2 benchmarks from PrimateLabs, the iPhone 5, running iOS 6 with its new  [Read More…]