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Apple iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program Will Replace Faulty Batteries for Free

If your iPhone 5 battery suddenly shuts itself off, experiences shorter battery life than expected, or needs to be charged seemingly constantly, it may be a result of a battery issue that impacts some iPhone 5 devices, and Apple will now fix the issue for free. Titled the “iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program“, the included … Read More

Apple’s new exchange program targets faulty European iPhone adapters

Apple has launched an exchange program in 36 countries for certain models of its 5W European USB power adapter, saying that there is a risk that they might overheat and pose a safety risk. Identified as Model A1300, the affected…Read more ›

Apple offers to replace faulty iPhone 5 on/off buttons for free

Does your iPhone 5 suffer from a dodgy power button? If so, Apple will repair it free of charge, according to a new announcement made by the company. “Apple has determined that the sleep/wake button mechanism on a small percentage…Read more ›

Apple To Pay $53 Million In Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement For Faulty Liquid Sensors

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

Apple has agreed to pay $ 53 million to settle its class-action lawsuit from customers. The iPhone maker used faulty moisture indicators in both iPhones and iPods that resulted in customers’ warranty claims getting denied.

Depending on which iPhone model you’ve own, you may be eligible to receive $ 300 in damages from Apple, according to the federal court  [Read More…]

Apple MacBooks get Free Fix for Faulty Rubber Bottoms

Apple is replacing the bottom cases of some recently sold MacBooks for free after they got reports of the rubber surface separating from the lower side of the computer. Laptops that had been shipped between October 2009 and last month are shown up with this problem. If you have got this problem with your MacBook, you can bring the computer to experts at the Genius Bars located in retail stores or they can work with  [Read More…]