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Our fave El Capitan tricks plus seven days with the 6s on The CultCast

This week: we’ve spent seven full days with iPhone 6s and we’re ready to report what we love and what we don’t. Plus: El Capitan just made your Mac a lot better! We’ll cover the cool tricks your Mac just learned. And then, how does $ 9 for an Apple Watch Sport band sound? How about […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Each state has its own fave emoji (and some of you people are weird)

  Emoji have quickly become the language of choice for digital natives, but when it comes to the tiny pictograms, not all emoji are used equally. To find out which areas of the United States use emoji differently, SwiftKey analyzed over 1 billion emoji used on its keyboard app between June 2014 and 2015, and […][Read More…]

Stock up on our fave iPhone accessories and save up to 75% [Deals]

The iPhone is kind of like Inspector Gadget: It’s always got some new fangled feature that’s sure to save the day. Cult of Mac Deals has all kind of goodies that’ll make your iPhone even better than it already is.…Read more ›

Lego Bill Gates’ fave reads of 2014 will surprise you

In a delightful little video from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the tech billionaire and philanthropist talks about the favorite books he’s read this year. It’s an eclectic collection: Thomas Piketty’s volume on income inequality, Capital in the Twenty-First Century shares…Read more ›

Your fave apps will soon hail an Uber for you

Today Uber announced its official API, which means you’re going to start seeing a lot of apps integrating with the popular ride-summoning service. “As of today, we officially open—to all developers—access to many of the primitives that power Uber’s magical…Read more ›

On The CultCast: Our fave must-have apps, plus, see you September 9th, iPhone 6!

This week: iThieves, beware—Find My iPhone is now a tool for vigilante justice; iPhone 6 release date is leaked; we reveal our favorite must-have apps for Mac and iOS; why the next iPhone could ship standard with 32GB; and we…Read more ›

Jobs Movie Buzz Plus We Pitch Our Fave Apps And Tech On Our All-New CultCast

new-cultcast-site-promo-pic-heath.jpgNever heard of the British Oreo? You will on this week’s CultCast! Of course we’ll also cover the week’s best Apple stories, including what’s new in iOS 7 beta 5; our own Leander Kahney’s new book about Jony Ive; the strange new buzz around the upcoming Jobs movie; plus we pitch our favorite tech and […]

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Our Fave Mac And iOS Computing Tips Plus Logic Gets Pro’er On The CultCast

Thanks for the Skeuo-tastic fan art @YSR50!This week on The CultCast: Logic Pro gets Pro’er with new features and iPad controls; Google Maps finally comes to iPad; Apple hunts for iWatch engineers; more iPad Mini retina rumors; Apple slangin’ TV deals with studios to kill commercials; we dish great computing tips on Tips Ahoooy! Have a few laughs and get caught […]

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