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New iOS 8.1 features you need to know

iOS 8.1 is now available to the public and along with bringing Apple Pay into the wild, the major update is packed with new features that bring harmony to your iPhone and Mac workflow. Instant Hotspot and SMS Relay connect your iPhone…Read more ›

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a pretty glaring design flaw

Samsung is all too willing to leap down Apple’s throat at any perceived error on Cupertino’s part, but apparently that same degree of quality control is not turned inwardly on Samsung’s own industrial design department. Having brought forward its release…Read more ›

FBI director ‘very concerned’ about iOS 8 privacy features

Almost everyone is happy about iOS 8′s recent privacy upgrade, which means that Apple can’t unlock your phone as part of an investigation. Almost everyone, that is, except for the FBI. Speaking with reporters Thursday, FBI director James Comey described himself…Read more ›

5 of the Greatest iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 is a fantastic update for most iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users with tons of excellent additions, feature enhancements, and great changes. Sure, some users are resistant to change and there may be some annoyances, but for the most part iOS 8 adds so many positives that it’s hard to imagine going backwards. … Read More

iOS 8: The most important features you need to know

iOS 8 is about to be unleash on the world today after debuting earlier this summer at WWDC. Tim Cook is calling it the biggest iOS update ever and for good reason, as the new OS has been packed with…Read more ›

Apple TV update adds Beats Music, new icons, iOS 8 features

Apple TV updated Wednesday morning, giving the main screen a whole new look and adding Beats Music as a “channel.” The icons for Music, Computers and TV Shows all have a new, almost pastel look, while all the icons seem…Read more ›

18 hidden iOS 8 features you probably didn’t know about

iOS 8 is the biggest release from Apple ever, with hundreds of new APIs and features that will completely change the way you use your iPhone. Features like Handoff, Health and Messages will be huge draws for customers looking for…Read more ›

Mailbox gets a bunch of new features and support for 19 languages

Mailbox, the beloved email app owned by Dropbox, received a pretty big update today in the App Store. As the Mac beta of Mailbox continues to roll out slowly, the app is maturing on iOS. 19 languages are now supported by…Read more ›

Apple features Detroit riders and Chinese DJs in new ‘Your Verse’ ads

Microsoft is arming its Surface marketing campaign with a heavy dose of Apple-hate, but Apple is continuing to take the opposite approach by highlighting the amazing things people do with their iPads. In the latest additions to the Your Verse campaign –…Read more ›

Rediscovered Empire Strikes Back trailer features lost footage of Luke and Leia making out

The San Diego Comic Con has a rich history of giving us our first look at the best upcoming sci-fi movies. Case in point: on August 4th, 1979, Comic Con was where George Lucas showed an excited crowd the very…Read more ›