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Apple boosts price of AppleCare+, slashes iCloud storage fees

Adding AppleCare+ coverage to your iPhone 6s is going to cost you a little more extra this year. Apple didn’t announce any pricing changes on stage at yesterday’s event, but the company did update its website to reflect the higher prices, and not only will iPhone 6s owners have to pay more to buy AppleCare+, […]

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How much of your Apple Music subscription fees go to record labels

When Apple Music launches at the end of June you won’t have to pay a cent to listen to all the music your ears can hear for the first three months. If you want to keep using Apple Music after…Read more ›

Apple spends less than Google and other tech giants on lobbying fees

Apple may be out-earning its rivals, but there’s one place it’s lagging behind: political lobbying. While companies like Google and Facebook continued to pour millions of dollars into influencing U.S. lawmakers to have legislation written in their favor during Q3,…Read more ›

Apple’s bid to recover $16m in legal fees from Samsung falls flat

  Apple’s bid to recover $ 16 million in attorney fees from Samsung following the massive patent dispute between the two companies has been blocked by the U.S. District Court. Judge Lucy Koh has also returned a $ 2.6 million bond posted by Apple to…Read more ›

T-Mobile Will Eat Your Termination Fees If You Switch To ‘Un-Carrier’ [Report]

T-Mobile is planning a big announcement at CES in Las Vegas later on today, but thanks to a leaked ad that’s been making its way around the web this morning, we already know what it has up its sleeve. As…Read more ›    [Read More…]

European Carriers To Scrap EU Roaming Fees Next Year

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Europeans will next year be able to take their smartphones anywhere within the EU and enjoy calls, texts, and data without paying a penny more than they do at home. Expensive roaming fees are set to be scrapped by July 1, 2014, after the European Commission voted to fast-track a major overhaul of telecoms regulation.

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No More Swipe Fees For Small Businesses Using Square Payment Processing

Square is courting small business with new rules and lower transaction fees.

Last week, Square announced a partnership with Starbucks to provide back-end payment processing and CRM for the coffee mega-company. Today, Square brings news of the other end of the business spectrum. Small businesses who make less than $ 250,000 per year will no longer have to pay the standard 2.75 percent per swipe processing fee (though they can still  [Read More…]

AT&T CEO: It’s “Too Early” to Talk About 3G FaceTime Fees

Randall Stephenson, AT&Ts Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson, recently responded to therumors circulatingabout the wireless carrier charging a data fee for customers using Apples upcoming over-the-air FaceTime feature on its network. He said that he has heard the same rumor and that while his company was working with Apple to get the technology stabilized, its too early to talk about pricing. Stephenson was also asked about the possible pricing plan that would involve app developers  [Read More…]

Apple Slashes Fees, Pays Developers More To Rescue Flagging iAd Service

Apples iAd hasnt received much in the way of attention since its announcement as part of iOS 4 almost two years ago. The platform was designed as a way for advertisers to create powerful interactive mobile ads and to make it easy for app developers to integrate those ads into their products. Of course, it was also intended to help Apple take a big slice of mobile ad spending. Despite  [Read More…]

iOS Bug Could Cost You A Fortune In Data Fees While Youre On Vacation

Were all familiar with how costly data can be on our iOS devices if were using them to get on the internet abroad with no access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. To prevent nasty charges, most of us turn off data roaming and avoid using our devices for the internet. However, theres a nasty bug in Apples iOS operating system that could cost you a fortune while youre on vacation by  [Read More…]