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Kate Winslet eyed for female lead in Steve Jobs film

Universal Pictures is eyeing Kate Winslet to play the lead female role in Aaron Sorkin’s movie on Steve Jobs, reports Variety. It’s still unknown what character the Titanic star might play, but after a couple of other Oscar nominated actresses…

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Apple offers female employees 21st-century fertility perk

Working for Apple takes an insane level of dedication, so to help keep its top female talent around long, Apple is joining Facebook to provide free egg freezing for non-medical reasons. Successful egg freezing allows women extend their fertility by…

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At last, Wonder Woman lassos another female writer

For a comic book character that’s been around since 1941, it’s surprising how few women (five) have written DC Comic’s biggest female protagonist. The character is as least as popular and visible as DC’s other superstars, Batman and Superman, but…

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Former Apple Exec Betsy Rafael Named First Female On GoDaddy Board

Grabbing an Apple exec for your board of directors has become somewhat of trend lately among prominent companies. Nike, Ferrari, Goldman Sachs, and even Vail Ski Resorts have done it, and now GoDaddy is the latest to join the ranks. Former Apple…

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Change Siri’s Voice Gender To Male Or Female In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Siri's Voice GenderNot only has Apple updated Siri’s default (in the US, at least) female voice to something a bit more natural, a little less arrogant sounding, but it’s also included a new male voice, as well. While a male-gendered voice has been available for a while in other regions, this is the first time Siri’s voice […]

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Change Siris Voice from Female to Male and Vice Versa

Change Siri's voice

Siri�s gender and voice is different based on the region, with a female voice for USA and Australian users, and a male voice in the UK. Regardless of which location you�re in or where you bought the iPhone 4S, you can change the gender of Siri yourself just by switching the language settings.

Changing Siri�s Voice & Gender

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