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Gold fever makes Apple Watch devs chase the dream

With high development costs and uncertain prospects, now is a risky time to build Apple Watch apps. But like many other indie developers, I’m working on one anyway. The Apple Watch gold rush is about more than money. In 1848, gold was discovered in the American… Read more ›

Icycle: On Thin Ice Is A Cinematic Fever Dream [Review]

Playing Icycle: On Thin Ice feels more like interacting with a movie than playing a game. You guide the hapless (and naked) Dennis through an increasingly treacherous frozen wasteland with nothing but a bicycle and a warm hat. The world… Read more ›     

Gold Fever: The Most Coveted iPhone 5s Selling For Thousands On eBay

goldfingerThe hottest part of this year’s flagship iPhone isn’t a piece of hardware, but a color. Everyone has gold fever. The gold iPhone 5s sold out quicker than any other model in stores, and shipping from the online Apple Store has already been pushed back to October. Based on the economic model of supply and […]

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‘Cut The Rope: Time Travel’ Gets Dance Fever With New Disco Era Update

Cut the Rope Time Travel DiscoZepto Labs just released a new update for its popular Cut the Rope: Time Travel game. Now you can travel back in time to the Disco Era, complete with shiny disco balls and a groovy, disco-flavored soundtrack. You’ll need to travel with Om Nom waaaaaay back in time to the world of the 1970s, meeting […]

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iWatch Fever: Why This Round Of Rumors Might Actually Be True On The CultCast


Tim Cook just had the best week ever, ya’ll! On our newest CultCast, we’ll tell you what President Obama did during the State of The Union Address that had Mr. Cook blushin’ like a school girl.

Then, the iWatch rumors are back, but this time, they may have some credence. We’ll tell you what we know. Plus, Cult of Mac Editor-in-Chief Leander Kahney tells us about his new Jony Ive book and  [Read More…]

Guess What? I Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell!

CultCast listeners know that I have a particular fondness for Christopher Walken. Sometimes he even likes to make an appearance on the podcast. It’s truly magical.

My love for Walken means that I couldn’t be more excited for an upcoming iOS app called Cowbell Hero. With the app, I’ll be able to relive the infamous Saturday Night Live skit in all of its glory. I gotta have more cowbell. I really do.

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