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Universal Pictures is eyeing Kate Winslet to play the lead female role in Aaron Sorkin’s movie on Steve Jobs, reports Variety. It’s still unknown what character the Titanic star might play, but after a couple of other Oscar nominated actresses… Read more ›

VII crazy rumors about the new Star Wars film

My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle. Ponyo, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Chances are you’re thinking of these lovely, peaceful, wonderful animated films right now. And these are just a few of the fantastic and bewitching animated films that Hayao… Read more ›

Pixar’s upcoming film turns emotions Inside Out

Careful now – Pixar’s upcoming film, Inside Out, takes place within the emotional centers of a pre-pubescent girl. There’s some crazy characters in there — including Joy, Sadness, Anger and Fear — and they’re all just so happy to meet… Read more ›

Mac Setups: Desk of a Film Pro & Craigslist Deal Hunter

This weeks featured Mac setup comes to us from Jonathan G., a film professional who also happens to be an industrious and effective Craigslist deal hunter… not sure what that means? Well, read on to find out! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you arrived at this Mac setup? I am a film … Read More

This time on the CultCast: Google buys Nest and their 100 ex-Apple employees, but why? Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs biopic finally gets a script, Kutcher’s Jobs just gets a Razzie nod; plus, iOS finally gets a full-size gaming controller! Enjoy a… Read more ›     

Stop Motion Film Brings iOS Interface To Life

Created by London-based university students Carrie Bale, Doug Hindson and Jooyoung Ryo, “Skew” is a charmingly low-fi animation which gently lampoons the monotonous cycle of our day-to-day lives in the digital world. The name “Skew” comes from the word “Skeuomorph”,… Read more ›     

Can an iPhone 5s film itself being burned alive? The answer, it turns out, is no, but that didn’t stop the wasteful doofuses at TechRax lit an iPhone 5s on fire with a combination of gasoline and Axe body spray…

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John Wants AnswersThe big screen biopic Jobs opened this summer to mixed reviews, primarily over the film’s lack of accuracy in depicting events from Steve Jobs life and Apple’s history. A lot of Apple old-timers have commented on the accuracy of the movie, but it took a Mountain View, CA local-access TV show called John Wants Answers to get Steve Wozniak, […]

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Grain, light leaks, color shifts, low contrast caused by lens flare – these are all familiar Instagrammatical filters which mimic the limits of film. And ironically, they were all considered Bad Things when people actually shot with film. Now we try to avoid digital noise just as we add back fake analog noise (grain). But […]

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