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How to Use the Unread Email Filter on Mail for Mac

If you want to quickly see what emails are unread in the Mail app for Mac, a new simple filter option makes it easier than ever to show only the new or marked unread messages in your email inboxes. This quick-toggle unread email filter feature is available in the most modern versions of Mail for … Read More

Need a name for your newborn? Try an Instagram filter

Excuse the dad for checking his Instagram feed when the nurse brings the newborn into the room. He might be trying to find a name for the kid. Naming a baby after an Instagram filter is a hot trend according to the annual Baby Names Survey, sponsored by the Baby Center. Thankfully, Lo-Fi failed to […]

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How to Filter & Mute Unknown Senders Messages from Known Contacts in iOS

iPhone and iPad users can opt to use a new “Filter Unknown Senders” feature in the iOS messaging app which will automatically hush and separate inbound messages that are coming from unrecognized contacts. This is extremely useful if your phone number is publicly listed on a web site like Craigslist, or if you just happen … Read More

Speed is the only filter in Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app

Later today Instagram will release a new stand alone app for iOS called Hyperlapse, reports Wired, that will allow users to create time lapse videos that are unfathomably smooth thanks to a its accompanying stabilization algorithm. Rather than bringing it’s…Read more ›

Tweak your Facebook lists to filter your freaky friends

We’ve all got them: the freaky friends. Those who comment on and like every. single. status update. Those who post long, ranting political polemics to your happy cat poster images. The friends that creep you out in a subtle, yet…Read more ›

Instagram Adds ‘Lux’ Filter To iPhone App

Instagram has added a new “Lux” filter to its iPhone app, letting you “strengthen or soften your photos with a custom slider.” The slider affects the contrast of your image, but it does in in a way that actually looks…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Snapseed For iOS Gets New HDR Scape Filter And Shadows Slider

  While Google was busy spilling all the new details of its new Google+ photo editing features this morning, the company also announced that Snapseed will be getting some sweet new features of its own. True to Google’s word, Snapseed…Read more ›

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Camera+ Gets Major Update With New Filter Packs, Layered Effects

So many new filters, it's hard to choose.Developer tap tap tap just announced the details on its latest Camera+ update for iPhone and iPad. The folks behind one of the best camera app replacements out there add the ability to layer effects in editing, letting you quickly and easily add and remove a multitude of effects per photo, stacking and re-arranging the […]

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What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

What Your Instagram Filter Says About You3

What’s your favorite Instagram filter? We all have one. Mine is X-Pro, and I almost never use anything else (except for no filter, which – according to Statigram – is my second most used “filter.”)

But what does this excessive use of one particular look say about me? Or – less importantly – about you? Luckily, there’s an info graphic for that, and it tells you  [Read More…]

Instagram Adds New Filter, Hopes You’ll Forget It Tried To Sell You Out

Instagram’s iOS app has been updated to v3.4.0. It fixes a few ridiculous omissions from the last version, and adds a new filter, no doubt as a way to get users to shut up about the Terms of Service debacle.

The new filter is called Mayfair, and is no compensation for those still hurting from the removal of the excellent Gotham filter, back in the day. It adds extra contrast, makes people’s skin look  [Read More…]