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Make Real-Life Analog Filters From Old Negatives And Candy Wrappers

You know what’s great? Magnets. You know what’s equally great? Filtered photos. Which makes this little DIY project – using both magnets and homemade filters – double great, right? Right guys?

If you have one of those hard-to-align magnetic accessory lenses for your iPhone, go grab it now. I’l wait. Now, blow the dust off and then try to find one of the spare adhesive rings which came in the bag.  [Read More…]

Analog For Mac Gets Analog Camera’s New Filters, Goes On Sale For $4.99


Analog for Mac from Realmac Software has today received all of the pretty filters that were introduced with Analog Camera for iPhone last week. It has also been reduced to just $ 4.99 until Sunday evening.

If you missed our review of Analog Camera for iPhone, be sure to check it out, because it’s a terrific app. It boasts a beautiful design, and it makes it incredibly easy to apply Instagram-like  [Read More…]

Real-Life Instagram Filters Now (Almost) Available [Kickstarter]

Remember those cool glass filters that act like a real-life Instagram for your real-life camera? They’re finally ready for pre-order, kinda.

The Mount July filters, from Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush, are now up on Kickstarter ready for your support. Minimum buy in to actually get a filter is $ 35, and the full set is $ 95.

There are three filters, all with graduated colored glass. The Stinson is kind of sepia-y, the Sedona is pink  [Read More…]

Facebook Pages Manager Gets Photo Filters, Emoji & Stickers


Facebook Pages Manager for iOS just got a big version 2.0 update that brings a number of performance improvements and new features. Facebook says the app has been rebuilt to offer a smoother, faster experience, while photo filters and support for emoji and stickers have been added.

Scrolling through your Page timeline is now faster than ever before, Facebook says, while photos open faster and close with a quick downward swipe  [Read More…]

Real Glass Filters Turn Your Camera Into An Instagram App

It’s funny: Back in high school I had a project called "Mount Julie" (which Julie never knew about), and now here in 2013 we see a new project called "Mount July." Coincidence? Probably…

Anyhow. Mount July will be a set of camera filters for film, stills and video which will add Instagram-like effects, using old-fashioned analog glass filters.

From the site:

BK-7 multi-coated precision optical glass provides crystal clear transparency with  [Read More…]

Path Update Brings Private Messaging, Photo Filters, And New Stickers To iOS

Privacy concerns be damned--we've got stickers!

Privacy concerns be damned–we’ve got stickers!

Social media iOS app, Path, updated today to version 3.0.1, adding some new features to the purported all-in-one personal social network’s iOS app. The update adds private messaging along with photo filters and stickers designed by a small group of indie artists for the app.

You can use Path to share photos, videos, places, music, films, books, workouts, and your  [Read More…]

HDR Video, HD and New Filters Come to Free iOS Video App Socialcam [Daily Freebie]


Yeah yeah, Vine is all the rage right now. But remember Socialcam, the share-heavy iOS video app from effects-wizard Autodesk? If you don’t, here’s a reminder that the app is a sharp tool for shooting and sharing quick vids on Facebook — and it’s just been spiced up with HDR, new filters and the ability to shoot in 720p.

Autodesk says the new version (5.0) contains HDR and effects with “one click  [Read More…]

Ray-Ban App Uses Real-Life Instagram-Style Filters

Ray-Ban, the sunglasses company, has a rather neat take on Instagram-style retrification filters. Instead of releasing yet another photo-filtering app, Ray-Ban’s Ambermatic actually shoots your photos through a real pair of Ambermatic shades.

The app, which launched last year, sends your photos off through the ether to arrive in the Ray-Ban store in London. There, your picture is displayed and then photographed through a pair of Ambermatic sunglasses using a proper camera, before being returned, a short while  [Read More…]

The Lens Strap Filters Photos, Decorates Dogs

What I am about to share with you will likely blow your mind. It will change your perspective on the world forever, and give you a new understanding of the word “convergence.” Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Lens Strap, a device which hovers uncertainly in the quantum foam between iPhoneography accessories and collars for poodles from Beverly Hills.

I warned you.

Yank this candy-colored strip of faux leather over the head of  [Read More…]

Flickr’s New iOS App: So Much More Than Just Filters [Review]

Hey Flickr! Lookin’ goooood

A day after Twitter unveiled its first foray into photo filters, here’s a whole new app from the folks at Flickr. They know a thing or two about photography, and this new version of their iOS app is fantastic. It has filters, but who cares? Flickr is about a helluva lot more than just filter effects.

The irritating animated home page of the old app is  [Read More…]