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Twitter’s Photo Filters Do The Job, But Instagram Still Has The Edge [Review]

All new Instagram! Sorry, no: Twitter! Yeah. Twitter.

Twitter might have been a bit previous announcing it ahead of its actual appearance in the App Store, but it’s here now: Twitter for iOS 5.2 is out, and comes with Twitter’s very own Instagrammish photo filters. Are they any good?

There are nine filters on offer, and they cover the basics. There’s a black-and-white option, an over-saturated option, a faded-colors 1970s look,  [Read More…]

Twitter’s New iOS App With Photo Filters Is Now Available For Download

Coming on the heels of the new Instagram update, Twitter announced yesterday that their iPhone app was coming soon and that it would have all kinds of photo filters. The updated Twitter app just hit the App Store and is ready to be downloaded.

The free Twitter 5.2 update comes with photo filters powered by Aviary. The eight different filters will make your Twitter pictures more like Instagram photos, which is kind of  [Read More…]

Twitter Brings Instagram-Like Photo Filters To Official Mobile Apps

Twitter has unveiled Instagram-like photo filters for its official mobile apps on Android and iOS. It’s been rumored that Twitter would roll out this feature by the end of the year, and the time has come.

You choose from 8 filters and crop/enhance your pics before sharing them in the Twitter app. This addition comes after Instagram recently shut off photo previews for links shared in Twitter.

Twitter announces  [Read More…]

MagFilters: iPhone-Like Magnetic Filters For Compact Cameras

MagFilters are — surprise! — filters for your compact camera which are attached to the lens by magnets. Unlike SLRs and other interchangeable-lens cameras, compacts lack the interior thread on their lens which lets you attach these light modifiers, so MagFilters take a leaf out of the iPhoneographers book instead.

Buy a kit and you get a ring and a filter. Just like the magnetic donuts for iPhones and iPads, the ring has an  [Read More…]

Instagram Confirms It’s Phasing Out Live Filters On iOS, But There Is A Workaround… For Now

Instagram looks good on iPhone 5, but there’s something missing.

As we reported on Tuesday, Instagram has updated its iOS app to introduce support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. It’s a welcome update to those enjoying a new 4-inch display, but it’s not all good news: Instagram also pulled live filters from the iPhone 5. It has since confirmed that live filters will soon be phased out of the iOS app  [Read More…]

Shoot Incredible Photos On Your iPhone Or iPad Using DIY Filters [iOS Photography Guide]

This plant was reflected in a silver book cover, rotated and then tweaked in Snapseed

One of the best things about using an iPhone to shoot your photos is the huge range of accessories you can buy to help out. But what if youre on a budget? Or you just arent really into photography enough to spend more money? Or if youre just bored today and feel like playing around?

Then youre in  [Read More…]

Normalize Removes Grungy Filters From Photos

Before… After!

I have no idea how many apps there are in the iTunes store that let you add filters to your photos. But I do know how many there are to remove those filters, and turn your picture into something that you can look back on in ten years’ time without cringing: One. It’s called Normalize, and it comes from Joe Macirowski.

After seeing one-too-many filters applied to one-too-many photographs, Joe decided  [Read More…]

Aperture Presets Add Instagram Filters To Your Pictures

Aperture, meet Instagram.


Remember those neat Lightroom presets which would add Instagram filters to your big grown-up photos? Now the author Casey Mac is back with versions for Photoshop (snore) and Aperture (yay!).

All of Instagram’s filters, from the excellent X-Pro II to the more pedestrian Kelvin, and they all manage to get very close to the originals. I have Casey’s Lightroom set which I love, and the filters also make a  [Read More…]

Apply Special Effects and Filters to Images with XCodes Core Image Fun House

Core Image Fun House Heres another tip from Keir Thomas, author of Mac Kung Fu, a new book with over 300 tips, tricks, hints and hacks for Mac OS X Lion. Its available from Amazon, and also in eBook form for all eReader devices, including Kindle. Install the free-of-charge Xcode developer toolkit via the App Store (Apple gives it  [Read More…]

Streetmate Camera App Puts The Focus On Taking Pictures, Not Applying Filters [Photography]

Streetmate icon Streetmate is a nice little photo app I stumbled over on the App Store a few weeks ago. Its a camera app all about shooting, not editing.   Unlike all those filter-iffic special effects apps that clog up the photography category, this one keeps things simple. The only effect it applies is a contrasty black-and-white, well chosen for getting an authentic street photography look in your  [Read More…]