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PhoneSoap Cleanses Your Filthy iPhone With Pristine UV Light

Christmas is a filthy time of year. First, it’s in the middle of the winter, when coughs, sneezes and dirty old diseases are most common. And second, extra germs, bacteria and viruses hitch a ride on us meatbag humans as…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Repurpose A Filthy Plughole Protector For Lo-Fi Photography

What’s in a name? If you’re Nick Cool, then it’s THE TRUTH. And Nick’s cool photo hack totally proves it.

One day, it seems that Nick was staring at his sink, perhaps in a fuzzy daze as he waited for his coffee to brew. His eyes presumably were drawn, like all kitchen detritus, towards the filthy plughole.

Most of us would see a future chore, to be added to the long list of other things we’ll put off until somebody  [Read More…]

Washable Logitech Keyboard Writes Its Own Filthy Jokes

Spill beverages fearlessly on the Logitech K310.



What use could you possibly have for a washable keyboard? The obvious hand-shandy jokes write themselves here, but there are other reasons that you might want this easy-clean keyboard from Logitech.

They say that a toilet seat is cleaner than the average computer keyboard or desk. But even those never-cleaned, hole-in-the-floor toilets in far-flung countries are cleaner than the “white” keys on my Mac’s  [Read More…]