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Finally, a way to make Macs and PCs play nice

This post is brought to you by Paragon Software Group, maker of NTFS for Mac. It’s an unfortunate truth that Macs and PCs generally don’t get along. Snickering ads aside, the discord between the platforms is a real inconvenience for anyone trying to make the jump from one to the other, or for people who […]

Quit your whining: Pebble Time app is finally here

Pebble Watch fans have been absolutely freaking out on Twitter the last few days due to a delay with the Pebble Time app for iOS getting delayed in the App Store approval process. After sitting in ‘pending approval’ since May… Read more ›

HBO Now finally lands on Apple devices

HBO Now has finally landed on Apple TV, giving users access to stream HBO’s entire catalog of shows a live programming for just $ 14.99. The new service is launch exclusively with Apple today, and will also be available to iPhone… Read more ›

Star Wars saga will finally arrive on iTunes this week

The Star Wars movies will finally arrive in iTunes this week, marking the classic series (and its three disappointing prequels) going digital for the first time ever. “We’re thrilled that fans will be able to enjoy the Star Wars saga… Read more ›

If you plan on seeing Focus starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie this weekend, you will be watching the first major studio film edited entirely with Final Cut Pro X. Originally criticized as “iMovie Pro” for its incredibly simplistic interface and… Read more ›

In a U.K. industry first, two major banks in the United Kingdom are finally adding Touch ID identification to their iOS apps. RBS and NatWest customers must activate the feature using their existing security information, but can use Touch ID after… Read more ›

Dropbox finally adds killer feature for iOS 8

It’s been about six months since iOS 8 came out, and the official Dropbox app has been lacking one major thing: the ability to save files to Dropbox from any app’s share menu. Today the long-awaited feature is finally available.… Read more ›

Apple is turning away developers who try to submit apps with guns in their screenshots or icons. But this isn’t a case of Apple introducing new rules to the App Store, so much as it is one of the company… Read more ›

We’ve been waiting nearly three years to get a glimpse of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic, and while filming is just getting underway in California, Universal Pictures has finally announced when we can expect to see it on the big screen.… Read more ›

Steve Jobs was right: YouTube is finally HTML5 first

Let’s flashback to April, 2010. That was the month that Apple CEO Steve Jobs penned his famous “Thoughts on Flash” memo, in which he soundly rejected any and all reasons for Apple to adopt Flash on the iOS operating system.… Read more ›