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Get More Out of Your Finder Windows By Turning On The Status and Path Bars [OS X Tips]

Finder has two nice features that you might want to turn on if you aren’t using them already the Finder status and path bars. Both of these give you kick access to some very useful information about your Mac. Status Bar The status bar displays at the bottom of Finder windows when it is on. It will show you how many items are in the window, how many you have selected  [Read More…]

My Mac is Stalling with Finder Error Code 36 [Ask MacRx]

AskMacRx The Mac and Mac OS X have changed tremendously in their nearly three-decade long existence, but some problems stand the test of time. Finder Error Code 36 has plagued Mac users since the Beige Days: My girlfriend and I have matching 13? MacBook Pros (4Gigs RAM and both with ample HDs) and are the same “age”. We both are music nuts and have tons of music  [Read More…]

Disable the “Backup of …” Pages & iWork Files from Showing in the Mac OS X Finder

Disable backup of Pages files in the Finder The iWork suite under Mac OS X 10.7 includes a rather peculiar default option that backs up every files prior version that you are working on, as a separate file in the same folder. Instead of the backups only being accessible from Versions, this spills out into the Finder, where a file called “Document.pages” will also have a “Backup of Document.pages” file stored  [Read More…]

Enhance Your Finder File Searches With Search Tokens [OS X Tips]

Using tokens in Finder searches and some other application searches will make searching for files on your Mac a lot easier. It all starts when you press Command+F in the Finder.   All you have to do is start typing a token at the start of your search after you’ve pressed Command+F in Finder . Pressing that key sequence opens a dialog box and if you type in a token like  [Read More…]

Change the Text & Icon Size of the Mac OS X Lion Finder Window Sidebar

Change Text Size of the Mac Finder Windows Sidebar If you’ve been busy customizing the Favorites folders and colorizing the Finder sidebar icons, you might want to change the font and icon size of that sidebar text while you’re at it, which has been increased in OS X Lion. Oddly enough, this isn’t in the “Finder Preferences” or “View Options” where you might expect to find it: Open System Preferences and  [Read More…]

Fixing Finder Annoyances In OS X Lion [Video How-To]

Ever since the switch to OS X Lion, there’s been a few little tweaks in the Finder that have annoyed me. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t like change, but either way, I went about looking how to fix these problems. In this video, I’ll show you how to fix little annoyances you may have found with the Finder in OS X Lion.  

Reveal The Finder Dock and App Menus in Full Screen Apps In Lion [OS X Tips]

I like the full screen mode that apps can run in on Mac OS X Lion, but if you are just now experimenting with this new feature you may feel a little lost. The reason you might feel lost is because while apps run in full screen mode a lot of navigations elements are missing. Today you’ll find out that they aren’t missing just hiding. If you want to use  [Read More…]

Learn The Difference Between Finder Clean Up By & Arrange By On Lion [OS X Tips]

I like to keep my computer organized and this means that I like to keep my files and folders sorted alphabetically by name. Occasionally I might want to sort them temporarily by kind (i.e. PDF, JPEG, etc.) and afterwards I would sort them again by name. In Mac OS X Snow Leopard you had to toggle between one or the other manually and Leopard would only remember your last sort  [Read More…]

Tweak Your Lion Sidebars For Mail And Finder [OS X Tips]

Mac OS X Lion looks a lot different from its predecessor Mac OS X Snow Leopard and one of those differences is the sidebar in Finder and Mail. The sidebar looks a lot different because it displays different elements in Lion and the icon it displays aren’t even in color now.   Open System Preferences and then click on General. Now look for Sidebar icon size in the center section.  [Read More…]