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iOS 10: Finding Music Controls at Control Center

Apple redesigned some fundamental features with iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad, including where the music controls are found in Control Center, slide-to-unlock, and the newly hidden Shuffle and Repeat controls in Music app itself. If you’re new to iOS 10 and thought that Control Center removed the music controls, it’s likely because the new … Read More

Accessing the Downloads Folder on Mac & Finding Downloaded Files

Ever wondered where all the downloaded files go on your Mac? By default, most apps will transfer downloaded files into the user Downloads folder. This applies to all downloads to a Mac made from the web with Safari, Chrome, through AirDrop, or from the many file transfer apps out there. There are many different ways … Read More

Odds of finding iPhone 6 Plus in stores tomorrow: ‘No chance’

It’s going to be nearly impossible to get your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus this weekend. Carrier sources are saying that there is basically “no chance” of finding the 6 Plus during tomorrow’s big launch. “We are told that…Read more ›

Play One YouTube Video While Finding Another On Your iPhone, iPad [iOS Tips]

YouTube PIPOver at iPad Insight, Patrick Jordan found this unique feature in YouTube’s new version of its iOS app, and I though it was too cool not to share. If you’ve used the iOS YouTube app in the past, you know that in order to find a new video, either browsing or searching for it, you […]

The post Play One YouTube Video While Finding Another On Your iPhone, iPad [iOS  [Read More…]

Here’s How Apple Made Finding Photos Way Faster In The iOS 7 Messages App [Image]


If you send friends a lot of pictures via iMessages, you’ll love this new little feature in the iOS 7 Messages app that makes it easier to find old photos you’ve sent friends.

To view all the files that you’ve ever sent someone from your iPhone you can tap the new folder icon at the bottom of a photo preview screen and you’ll get a list of all the files the  [Read More…]

Apple Products Are The Best At Finding Santa According To Best Buy Ad [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEKer84625Q]

It’s pretty much a proven fact that for Christmas this year kids want an iPad or something else made by Apple. Everyone knows it. Even Best Buy. So Best Buy’s newest commercial shows off all the phenomenal cosmic powers of Apple devices as a kid uses all of Apple’s products at the Best Buy Apple Store on his search to find Santa.


Source: Best Buy


Fun Game: Searching For An Escaped Prisoner But Finding Ancient Pirate Booty

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a fun, casual game you can play over the weekend. This week, step aboard a Spanish galleon that had been lost at sea for many centuries and pick through all the treasures and artifacts jam-packed inside and out. Download it now

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits (Collector Version) (hidden objects) You’re part of a team of Coast Guard officers that have just apprehended an  [Read More…]

Finding Files from the Command Line

Search for files from the command line

Searching the file system for a specific document or file is easy and very fast. Though most users are best served using Spotlight from the menubar, there are times when either Spotlight isn’t working, you need more paramaters, you’re working in the Terminal, or

Searching For Files with find

The find command is very fast and easy to use, it’s straight from the unix  [Read More…]

Kids Get In Trouble For Finding Teacher’s Erotic Pics On School iPad

There are reasons why you should always understand how technology works before taking scandalous pictures of yourself and sending them to your lover. You don’t know where those pictures are going to end up. You might snap a naughty picture with your iPhone that then gets sent to your iCloud Photostream that is then synced with your school’s iPad. Then your students might be playing around on that school iPad, find the pic  [Read More…]

The Worst Apps For Finding Love This Valentines Day [Roundup]

  Using your iPhone on Valentines Day to maximize your chances for love is potentially a great idea, but it could also prove to be disasterous if you use the wrong apps. These are those apps. Crowded Room Finding love isnt easy. Striking up a conversation with that hottie across the room can be a daunting proposition. What if the  [Read More…]