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As is their wont, gadget vivisectors iFixIt have gotten their hands on Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pros in both 13-inch and 15-inch incarnations. As usual, these aren’t the machines you want if repairability is concerned, but there’s additional bad news…

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The Securities and Exchange Commission has officially closed its review of Apple’s 2012 tax disclosures after finding that the company complies with the letter of the law. Apple’s practice of routing cash through international subsidiaries to avoid paying U.S. taxes, or the “Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich,†was called into question this summer by the Senate […]

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A Tokyo court has today found Samsung guilty of infringing an Apple “bounce-back” or “rubber banding” patent that covers the popular scrolling feature built into its iOS platform. Apple has been using the patent against Samsung in a number of courtrooms all over the world, but back in April, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office deemed it invalid.

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There’s nothing quite like hunting for something misplaced to drive one crazy. If you’ve ever lost a set of keys or Bluetooth headset under a couch pillow, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if just the thought of a scenario like that triggers a burst of panic, you’ll want to pay close attention here — because Item TrackR just might keep you from losing more stuff, along with your remaining  [Read More...]

A U.S. court has today ruled that Apple’s iPhone infringes three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas, a “patent troll” jointly owned by Nokia, Sony, and Denver-based MPEG LA.

MobileMedia owns more than 300 patents — most of which were originally granted to Sony and Nokia — and it now uses them to sue other companies as a source of revenue, hence its “patent troll” nickname. Last month, the firm used some of  [Read More...]

Google Finds The Way With New Maps App [Review]

You are here. Well, one or two of you perhaps

Three months after the release of iOS 6 and the subsequent PR disaster that was Apple’s renewed (and Google-less) Maps app, Google has got a replacement back into the App Store. It’s slick, speedy and, most importantly, a good deal more accurate than Apple’s data. Thank goodness for that.

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Anytime you think you’re scoring a super hot deal on Apple’s latest amazing device, you really should make sure everything’s 100% legit before forking over $ 200 to some shady dude at a gas station. That’s the lesson Jalonta Freeman learned when she found out the “$ 800 iPad” she purchased was really just a mirror.

Freeman was fueling her car at a gas station when a man pulled up beside her  [Read More...]

Cheap Android tablets are stealing the iPad’s market share.

A study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has found a massive boom in tablets over the last 12 months, with 25% of American adults now owning a tablet of their own. As you might expect, the iPad is the most popular device out there at the moment, claiming more than 52% of the market. But that may not be  [Read More...]

In the latest drama in the contentious Apple-Samsung patent trial, Samsung accused Apple of trying to extend the range of authorship of its patent holdings through sales figures of global products not covered by U.S. law.

Lawyers for Samsung explained that three phones that have been repeatedly used as examples of exact replication by Apple are not, in fact, sold in the US and have been trying to throw them out of evidence.  [Read More...]


Apple recently responded to the Flashback trojan that has reportedly infected at least 600,000 Macs. The Cupertino company said that it is working on an antivirus tool to detect and remove Flashback from infected computers. Another tool called FlashBackChecker can check to see if you’re infected right now. Russian firm Kaspersky Lab has released a free Mac antivirus tool to not only discover, but also  [Read More...]