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Galaxy Note 5 review: The finest phablet money can buy

After kicking off the “phablet” trend in 2011, the Galaxy Note series has become the bigger and better smartphone in Samsung’s lineup every year — and usually the best phablet on the market. But with this year’s Note 5, a lot has changed. Samsung has snubbed a number of popular features to take a gamble on the […]

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Tea, An App Dedicated To The World’s Finest Beverage

I might be a lapsed Englishman, but there’s something that can never be bred out of me wherever I dwell: my love of a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, even the Brits are getting lax when it comes to brewing God’s favorite beverage [1], relying on teabags instead of loose leaves and even (the horror!) […]

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NKMOS Ultima: Worlds Finest Universal Car Mount On Sale [Deal-Ending Soon!]

I don’t know about where�you live, but here in British Columbia holding your cell phone in your hand to talk or text while driving is a no-no. The “I was just answering my kids, officer.” doesn’t hold water either. Now hands free options are everywhere. I made sure my wife has a car mount in her car. So she can see who is calling or keep directions up on screen. We’ve gone  [Read More…]

Remarks For iPad Is PDF Annotation & Note Taking At Its Finest


The latest iPad app from Readdle, a company famous for its excellent productivity apps for iOS, has perfected PDF annotation and note taking on a touchscreen device. It�s called Remarks, and it allows you to write and draw on PDF documents, outline notes in class or in the office, and sketch new ideas with your fingertip or a stylus.

Like all of Readdle�s apps, Remarks has been designed to provide a fantastic user experience. It sports a clean and  [Read More…]