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How to Add Fingerprints to Touch ID on Mac

You can add additional fingerprints to Touch ID equipped Macs, providing the option for more than one fingerprint to unlock the Mac, be used for Apple Pay, and to make purchases from the iTunes and App Store. Obviously the ability to add a new fingerprint to Touch ID on the Mac requires a Mac with … Read More

How to Identify Touch ID Fingerprints on iPhone & iPad with an Easy Trick

For most of us setting up Touch ID, users go through the initial process of adding a fingerprint or two on their iPhone or iPad and don’t think much beyond it. Maybe you went through the process again to add the same finger a few times to make unlocking with Touch ID more reliable. For … Read More

Thumbs Up? Touch ID Stores 50 Fingerprints

TouchID ScreenshotIf you want to store two classrooms of third graders’ fingerprints on one iPhone 5s, then we’ve got the bug for you. YouTuber Tom Rich found this interesting feature with Touch ID on the new iPhone 5s. So he did what any other good videographer would and made a video of it. The iPhone 5s […]

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Tired Of Cleaning Fingerprints Off Your Tablet? Let This Tiny Robot Do It For You


It takes no more than about 30 seconds to run a cloth over your smartphone or tablet display and free it from greasy fingerprints. But if you’re just too darn lazy to do that, check out this tiny little autonomous robot that does it for you. From Takara Tomy, the Automee-S is a 2.75-inch Roomba-like device that (slowly) makes its way around your smartphone or tablet display and gives it a good  [Read More…]

Apple Is Working To Make Future iOS Devices Impervious To Grease And Fingerprints

Sick of greasy fingerprints smudging your pristine iPhone or iPad? Wish Apple would come up with a tiny vacuum with a practically microscopic nozzle to suction out the vast rivulets of grease and oil that flows between the furrows of your digits� epidermis? No need to go crazy: Apple�s already working on fingerprint resistant coatings for future iPhones and iPads.


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