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Finnish Prime Minister accuses Apple of crashing his country’s economy

People blame Apple for the craziest things: from crafting metal devices that bend if you apply enough pressure, to giving out free albums, to — now — crashing national economies. Today’s “gate” incident (Finnishgate?) comes from Finland prime minister Alexander Stubb…Read more ›

Steve took our Jobs, says Finnish Prime Minister

Most of us couldn’t have been any more excited for the iPhone and iPad. Then again, most of us aren’t the Finnish Prime Minister. Speaking to Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri, Prime Minister Alexander Stubb has accused Apple’s late-founder Steve…Read more ›

Finnish Linguists Tell Apple They’re Spelling iPhone Wrong

If you thought that “Think Different” was the last time Apple was going to come under fire from the grammar police, think again! Finland’s linguistic authorities, the Institute for the Languages of Finland — which rules on correct spellings, loan…Read more ›    [Read More…]