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New iPad Mini Photos Show How It Stacks Up Next To Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire HD

We learned this morning that the iPad Mini might be announced on October 17th after invites get sent to the press on October 10th. Everyone has a fairly good idea of what the iPad Mini will look like, but it can never help to see a few physical mock-ups for the sake of comparisson.

The lastest mock-up photos to hit the Internet show what the iPad Mini will look like in¬†comparison¬†to  [Read More…]

Prettiest Space Game On iOS, Galaxy On Fire 2, Releases Supernova Expansion

Galaxy on Fire 2 is perhaps the best-looking space game on iOS. With astronomical scenes that call to mind a portable Eve Online, Galaxy on Fire 2 is an action space shooter with RPG elements, such as upgraded ships and weaponry, questing systems, and the like. It’s even made the move to Mac OS X.

It’s been a couple of months since FishLabs, the developers behind the title, released a  [Read More…]

Amazonís New Kindle Fire Tablets May Look Good, But The iPad Will Still Be King [Report]

Will Amazon’s Kindle party be crashed by the iPad mini?

If you’re in the market for a tablet, and you don’t mind adopting Google’s Android platform, then the choice available to you right now is incredible. Amazon alone announced a pair of new Kindle Fire HD tablets on Thursday that feature an impressive selection of specifications, with 7- and 8.9-inch displays, that are priced at $ 199 and $ 299 respectively.

But  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Is Nigh And Why Kindle Fire HD Is Burniní Hot On The CultCast

Cultcast site promo pic

The new iPhone 5 is almost among us, dear friends, and on this episode of the CultCast, we’ll tell you everything we know about it, ponder what Apple will actually be naming it, and tell you how to hang on to that unlimited data plan your carrier wants to move you out of.

Plus, looks like there’s a new HD tablet in town, and this one is looking pretty fern  [Read More…]

Amazon Wants To Kill The iPad With $299 Kindle Fire HD And $499 Kindle Fire HD With LTE

Amazon is the only other company in the world that has a great ecosystem that might be able to compete with Apple’s. The Kindle Fire was a cute little tablet, but it definitely wasn’t an iPad Killer or even an iPad Competitor, but Amazon is looking to change that with the Kindle Fire HD.

The Kindle Fire HD is Amazon’s biggest tablet to-date with 16GB of storage and both 7-inch and  [Read More…]

Spec-By-Spec Comparison: iPad vs. iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire vs. Kindle Fire HD

At today’s Amazon event, Jeff Bezos dropped some whoppers on the industry: not only an upgraded Kindle Fire, but the Kindle Fire HD, a mother of a tablet that has a Retina-caliber display, serious horsepower, and a super low price starting at just $ 199 for the 7-inch model, $ 299 for the 8.9-inch model and $ 499 for a 32GB 8.9-inch model with LTE. Without a doubt, it’s clear Amazon  [Read More…]

Can Amazonís New $159 Kindle Fire Compete With The iPad Mini?

With the Galaxy Nexus 7 eating their lunch and the iPad mini expected to debut in October and put the squeeze on the first-generation model, Amazon has just announced the new Kindle Fire.

Featuring an all-new, more iPad-ish form factor, the new 7-inch Kindle Fire boasts a faster processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 40% faster performance and longer battery life. Otherwise, though, Amazon is being mum about the specs.

Boy,  [Read More…]

Like Apple, Amazon Disses Google Maps In Upcoming Kindle Fire Revision

Amazon follows Apple’s lead and decides against Google Maps for upcoming Kindle Fire revision.

Apple’s decision to ditch Google Maps in favor of its own mapping technology in iOS 6 wasn’t much a surprise. However, Amazon’s decision to reject Google Maps in its second generation Kindle Fire tablet is a bit of surprise – particularly since the Kindle Fire is an Android device.

Unlike Apple, Amazon isn’t developing its own mapping systems.  [Read More…]

Screen Sizes of Rumored iPad Mini, iPad, Nexus 7, & Kindle Fire Compared

iPad vs iPad Mini and other tablet screen sizes compared

With all the recent rumors, there is a lot of talk on the tech web about the theoretical iPad mini. If you’ve been assuming the mini’s speculated 7.85″ screen would be about the same as a Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 tablet, you’ve assumed wrong, and as the above graphic demonstrates it’s actually a lot closer to an 8″ screen than 7″,  [Read More…]

Xappr Gun Dock for iPhone Opens Fire

Make AR shooters more realistic — perhaps too realistic — with the Xappr

Hey, iPhone users with death wish: We have just the thing to tantalize your suicidal tendencies. Itís called the Xappr, and itís an augmented reality gun for your beloved iPhone 4. Simply pre order the Xappr for $ 30, hop on the plane to any decent-sized U.S city and wait for the cops to see you and  [Read More…]