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Firefox for iOS, YouTube Music, and other awesome apps of the week

The weekend may be halfway over, but you know what isn’t? The imagination of app developers. This week’s collection of awesome apps encompasses everything from new web browsers for your iOS device, to a great new music app, to two spectacular games. Check below for our picks of the most noteworthy downloadables of the past seven […]

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You can finally use Mozilla’s Firefox web browser on iOS

As promised, Mozilla has finally brought Firefox to iOS devices around the world, after first appearing on Android more than three years ago. The browser sports a private browsing mode, along with Google Chrome-style predictive searches and, of course, support for existing Firefox users — meaning that it’s easy to import your existing Firefox bookmarks, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Mozilla missed a golden opportunity with Firefox for iOS

It’s been a long ride, but Mozilla confirmed that Firefox is in fact almost ready for its official launch on iPhone and iPad. The company announced a limited release of the browser in the New Zealand App Store. It’s appreciable that Firefox is finally hopping on board with iOS, but at this point it seems Mozilla is far too […]

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Firefox 20 For Mac Goes Live With Tabbed Private Browsing And New Download Manager

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 1.23.19 PM

Mozilla has released Firefox 20 for Mac users, and this major update brings several new features and improvements to the web browser. Two of the biggest features are “per-window” private browsing and a redesigned download manager.

You can now open a private browsing tab instead of having to open an entirely new window and close the current session. The new, Safari-like download manager is a little  [Read More…]

Change the Browser User Agent in Chrome, Safari, & Firefox

A web browsers user agent is how a website knows what type of computer, operating system, and browsing app you are using. Some sites serve different themes, CSS, content, or even different sites to different browsers and OS’s, and many developers often need to change their own user agent to be able to test these abilities and build these alternate sites. We’ll cover how to do this in popular modern web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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Firefox For Mac Goes Retina In Latest Beta

Mozilla released another public beta of its Firefox browser today. Version 18 beta 1 brings a number of new features and improvements, most notably Retina display support for Apple’s 2012 MacBooks. When this version of Firefox becomes official, the once-popular browser will join the ranks of Google Chrome, Opera and other third party browsers that have already received Retina support.

Here’s the full change log for today’s Firefox beta:

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How to Run Firefox OS Simulator

Firefox OS Simulator

Mozilla, the makers of Firefox (yes, the web browser), are working on a mobile operating system called Firefox OS. It’s based entirely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and is currently at very early stages of development, with an appearance that’s kind of like iOS meets Android with a side of Ubuntu. Whether or not Firefox OS goes mainstream remains to be seen, but if you feel like playing around  [Read More…]

How to Disable Java in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and System-Wide

How to Disable Java

If you are tired of keeping up with all the Java security updates and potential vulnerabilities, you can avoid a potential problem completely just by disabling Java.

For the average user, we’ve recommended keeping Java disabled as one of the primary means of protecting a Mac against potential malware, viruses, and trojans. In fact, the newest versions of OS X require that Java be installed manually to  [Read More…]

Get FireFox on the iPad (Sort Of) with Foxbrowser

Firefox for iPad aka Foxbrowser

Foxbrowser is a new web browser for iPad that’s basically Firefox for iOS – though not officially – thanks to an open source fork broken off from Mozillas abandoned FireFox Home app. It’s surprisingly fast and best of all has full support for the convenient Firefox Sync feature, keeping your tabs, bookmarks, and history the same across all your Firefox browsers be them on the desktop in  [Read More…]

Firefox 14 Released

Mozilla has launched Firefox version 14 today for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with some much-requested features. The update sets aim on security by encrypting our Google searches and also adding features for Web developers by adding new APIs. Firefox 14 also finally brings native Mac OS X Lion full-screen application support to the browser for the first time in a public release. One noticeable new feature with the browser is that the URL  [Read More…]