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BlackBerry has today announced that it has scrapped plans to sell its hardware business, and that it will be replacing current CEO Thorsten Heins instead. The Canadian company has also secured $ 1 billion from a group of investors led by…

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The world has hated Apple Maps with a fiery passion, and Apple is ready to clean house and get rid of key people who were incharge of the disaster.

According to a tweet by Bloomberg news, Richard Williamson, the executive behind Apple’s new Maps app, just got fired by Eddy Cue. After Scott Forstall was recently fired, Cue was given the reigns on the Maps app and it appears that he’s wasting  [Read More...]

Apple Fires Samsung As MacBook, iPad Battery Maker

Samsung is no longer supplying Apple’s iPad batteries.

Apple has reportedly further distanced itself from rival Samsung by switching its suppliers for iPad and MacBook batteries. The Cupertino company has been seemingly working to avoid Samsung’s components since the companies became embroiled in various legal battles all over the world.

Chinese Business News reports that Apple is now relying on batteries from Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery to power its iPads  [Read More...]

Apple Fires Back at Italian Warranty Police

On Monday, we reported that the Italian government has supposedly threatened Apple with another fine – “and possible temporary closure of its operations in Italy” – if Apple doesn’t amend its warranty policy to comply with EU law. As some of you may recall, Italian antitrust authorities already succeeded at forcing Apple to pay $1.2 million in fines after the iDevice maker lost an appeal in late spring. Earlier this week, Reuters noted that additional fines and  [Read More...]

It will likely come as no big surprise to many that Apple reportedly maintains a strict – and I mean strict – policy when it comes to social media usage among its employees. According to published reports this week, Apple will fire any employee who utters a negative word about the company and its brand through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. “In general,” reads a new report from ifoAppleStore.com, “Apple retail employees are allowed  [Read More...]

Two days after a judge awarded Apple an early look at the final products and packaging of a number of upcoming Samsung phones and tablets, Samsung has filed a suit against Apple asking to see the same. Samsung filed a motion Friday night is asking for Apple to turn over the upcoming iPhone and iPad 3 so they can determine any similarities between Samsung devices and Apple’s offerings. Anyone paying attention to Apple’s actions earlier this  [Read More...]

Apple Fires Back at Lodsys Over Developer Patent Claims

Earlier this month, a little-known company named Lodsys began threatening legal action against countless iOS developers regarding the issue of in-app purchasing. Despite the confusing circumstances surround why Lodsys would threaten iOS devs, the company maintains that its determined to avoid being denied any and all royalties that are rightfully due to them. Simply put, the matter boils down to yet another patent claim. “Lodsys’ patent portfolio is being used as part of an overall solution  [Read More...]

Supply Chain Information Fires Up Apple Stock Buy Rating

Click the image to open in full size. According to sales estimates derived from Apple supply chain data, the “Apple Barometer” that’s perpetually monitored by Ticonderoga Securities suggests that shares of Apple remain a solid buy. On Wednesday morning, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White once again stated his $ 612 price target for Apple stock. Information from the overseas supply chain reveals April sales increasing 113% year over year. Although White says sales for April  [Read More...]