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FBI teams up with Israeli firm to hack San Bernardino iPhone

The mysterious party that is assisting the FBI in its quest to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c may have finally been revealed today, and contrary to previous theories, it’s not the NSA. Cellebrite, an Israeli tech firm specializing in mobile forensic software, has reportedly offered to help the FBI unlock the iPhone. Citing […]

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Security firm puts $1 million bug bounty on iOS 9

While millions of iPhone users have eagerly upgraded to iOS 9, a new race is on among researchers to find critical flaws in Apple’s software, and they’re throwing around more cash than ever to get hackers to find the holes. A new security industry firm called Zerodium announced today that it will pay hackers $ 1 […]

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Former Apple Music exec trades the tunes for Paris luxury fashion firm

Departed Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers will join French luxury company LVMH — the company which owns iconic luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Bulgari — as its new chief digital officer. Rogers left Apple just two months after the debut of Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station, which he played a key […][Read More…]

Design firm Ammunition takes top honors for innovation

San Francisco design firm Ammunition beat out Apple and others to be named Fast Company’s top “Innovative Company in Design.” Co-founded by Robert Brunner, the former head of Apple’s industrial design studio who hired Jony Ive, Ammunition is most famous…Read more ›

It’s nearly impossible to spy on iPhones, according to top surveillance firm

iOS has always been more secure than Android, and new information that’s leaked out of one of the world’s leading surveillance companies reiterates that fact. The Gamma Group has a piece of spyware called FinSpy that can hook into just…Read more ›

Did Samsung Just Acquire A Fingerprint Scanning Firm For $650M? Nope.

Given Samsung’s habit of shamelessly copying everything Apple does, I wasn’t at all surprised to see this morning’s report that the South Korean company had just spent $650 million on a fingerprint scanning firm called FingerPrint Cards. In fact, I simply rolled my eyes when I saw the news and thought, “there’s a surprise.” But it […]

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Local Firm Wins Its Case To Get The iPhone Banned In Mexico

The iPhone could soon be banned in Mexico.

Apple has lost its battle to secure the ‘iPhone’ name in Mexico and may have to cease selling its device under a court injunction. The Cupertino company attempted to secure the name in 2009, and wanted a local company to cease using the name ‘iFone’ under the grounds that it sounded too similar.

Unfortunately for Apple, the iFone name was secured four years prior to  [Read More…]

Apple’s Acquisition of Flash Memory Firm Anobit Confirmed

It seems likeBloomberghas recently confirmedlast month’s newsof Apple acquiring the flash memory firm named Anobit. The confirmation came in the form of Apples standard statement used in addressing acquisitions and did not include details on the purchase or Apples plans for the company. A spokesman for the Cupertino, California-based company, Steve Dowling, mentioned today that the purchase had been made but refused to elaborate. Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we  [Read More…]

Apple Has Officially Purchased Flash Memory Firm Anobit [Report]

Apple has confirmed its rumored $ 500 million acquisition of Israeliflash memory firmAnobit. Reports started circulating last month that the Cupertino company was interested in purchasingAnobit for its flash storage prowess. It was concluded that Apple was looking to become a major player in the flash storage industry. Bloomberg reports: Steve Dowling, a spokesman for Cupertino, California-based Apple, said today that the purchase  [Read More…]

TV Ad Analysis Firm Names Santa Siri Ad Most Effective Holiday Ad This year

Santa inspired television ads rule the airwaves this time of year. Target has their slow-motion running Santa, Best Buy has Santa usurped by a proud mother, Apple with their Siri inspired affair and many more. But, only one can be labeled the best, and TV ad analysis firm Ace Metrix named Apple’s the most effective. Ace Metrix measured viewer reactions to commercials from advertising vets like Coca-Cola (polar bears), Pillsbury, Nintendo and more, which make Apples win rather impressive. The  [Read More…]