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If Batman’s going to take on Superman, he’s going to need some extra protection and firepower. The first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gives us our a glimpse of the armored batsuit — complete with glowing white… Read more ›

There have been some Apple Watch games announced — mostly simple affairs, like Nimblebit’s upcoming Letterpad — but nothing truly epic. WayForward Technologies, the veteran developer behind Ducktales Remasters, wants to change that. They’ve just announced that their latest adventure… Read more ›

The Apple Watch officially became available for pre-orders last week and, if researchers at Slice Intelligence are to be believed, it scored big when it comes to customer demand. How big? Try 957,000 people pre-ordering in the U.S. during Friday… Read more ›

Apple is clearly expecting the Apple Watch to be a big hit, because it’s already limiting orders to just its online store. In an effort to help meet expected demand, Apple has announced that you won’t be able to go… Read more ›

First reviews: New MacBook is gorgeous, but limited 

Apple Watch has been hogging so much of the tech spotlight lately that you could be forgiven for forgetting that Apple is also about to release a revolutionary new computer. The first reviews of the new MacBook landed on the… Read more ›

First TV remotes made sedentary lifestyle a click away

The person who named the first television remote control in 1950 knew exactly how it would transform Americans. It was called “Lazy Bones.”  Sure enough, we became couch potatoes. But television today without a remote would be near impossible and… Read more ›

The first reactions to the Apple Watch are hot off the presses and, to be honest, they’re pretty much what I was expecting. There are some nice revelations (battery life isn’t as bad as we feared), some areas to improve… Read more ›

Is this our first glimpse of the iPad mini 4?

The iPad mini 3 was a bit of a disappointment because Apple really didn’t make any improvements other than adding Touch ID. Big changes could be in order for 2015, though, according to a video of an alleged 4th generation… Read more ›

Is this our first glimpse of the iPad mini 4?

The iPad mini 3 was a bit of a disappointment when it debuted last year. Other than adding TouchID, Apple really didn’t make any improvements to its smallest tablet. Big changes could be in order for 2015 though, according to… Read more ›

This week on The CultCast: with Apple Watch apps now hitting the store, we discuss some of the most popular ones. And if you want an Apple Watch you absolutely need to pre-order—we’ll tell you why and how. Plus: Periscope!… Read more ›