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Olloclip Now Selling iPhone 5 Kit With Fish Eye, Wide Angle, Macro Lenses

If you’re into iPhoneography, chances are you’ve heard of Olloclip. The company sells one of the best lens kits there is for the iPhone. Apple gives you the ability to digitally zoom in the Camera app, but Olloclip takes photography to the next level with fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses.

Olloclip is now offering its 3-in-1 lens kit for the iPhone 5.

We gave¬†Olloclip’s iPhone 4S kit a  [Read More…]

George Harrisonís Guitars App For iPad Is A Fish On The Sand [Review]

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison, is a multimedia tour of the former Beatles’ iconic guitars

A new app for the iPad, The Guitar Collection:†George Harrison, is rather like a little pocket book of the former Beatlesí most famous axes. It features†the history, pics, guitar model specifications, and historic photographic images of the iconic instruments. But unlike a book, itís a multimedia feast full of 3D models, music clips, and videos  [Read More…]

May The Fish Be With You: An Underwater World Awaits You In Aquaria [Review]

Aquaria Iíll confess right from the start that Iím not much of a gamer. I tend to just play lightweight puzzles and dip-in-and-out games that donít demand too much attention. But Aquaria is something special Ė an incredibly detailed action/RPG thatís compelling enough to pull even a non-gamer like me right in, and keep me playing for hours.   In Aquaria, available now for iPad, you play the  [Read More…]