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iWatch to Have Multiple Health & Fitness Sensors, According to WSJ

Apple’s upcoming smartwatch will include multiple health sensors and come in variety of screen sizes, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, “The new wrist device from Apple will include more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness” according to WSJ. The new report comes hot off the … Read More

Get your Boogio shoes on and track your fitness with your feet

Jose Torres, CEO of Boogio, wants you to track your fitness with the most obvious part of your body: your feet. “We’ve got 60,000 layers of sensitivity in the Boogio,” he told Cult of Mac at last week’s Electronic Entertainment…Read more ›

WebMD update lets you stay on top of your fitness goals

With the announcement of its Health app (and associated API) for iOS 8, Apple is making no secret of its plans to enter the health and fitness-tracking market. Capitalizing on this hype, WebMD has just updated its flagship iOS app…Read more ›

Hands on Health: How iOS 8 will change your fitness game

With the fall release of Apple’s latest software update iOS 8 just months away, there is plenty for users to look forward to. While fitness fanatics have had to rely on third-party apps, the latest version of iOS introduces a…Read more ›

Best fitness trackers for supercharging your summer

Based on the sheer amount of biotech experts it’s been hiring, the fact that Apple has its eyes set on the health and fitness tracking sector is one for the “Cupertino’s Worst Kept Secrets” file. But after tons of speculation…Read more ›

Apple Runs an iPhone 5S Fitness Advertisement, “Strength”

Apple has started running a new iPhone 5S commercial, titled “Strength”, which focuses on using the phone as a fitness aid. A video for the advertisement is embedded below for easy viewing. The TV advertisement follows people using the iPhone to track fitness goals, participate in physical activity, and serve as a form of digital … Read More

Apple’s latest iPhone 5s ad is all about fitness

In a new TV ad for the iPhone 5s, Apple shines a spotlight on some popular fitness trackers. Called “Strength,” the minute-long spot features the old song “Chicken Fat” from President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Program for schools in the 1960s. Trackers…Read more ›

Run for your life: Zombies, Run! fitness app gets over 60 new missions

I’ve always hated running. When I’m asked, I jokingly say that the ten years of life I probably lose by not focusing on cardio-vascular exercise, I make up for by not feeling compelled to jog in a big circle each…Read more ›

Facebook gets into fitness tracking with purchase of popular iPhone app Moves

Facebook has been on quite the buying spree lately. After snatching up Oculus VR, the social network is now acquiring a popular fitness tracking app for the iPhone. ProtoGeo Oy, the Finnish app maker behind Moves, announced today that it is joining…Read more ›

The Tao WellShell Measures Your Isometric Fitness Strength, With Your iPhone’s Help [Kickstarter]

The Tao WellShell is probably unlike any iOS-connected fitness device you’ve ever encountered. It doesn’t simply track steps, or heart rate, or weight, or any of the other standard metrics tracked in dozens of other connected fitness devices. Instead, this…Read more ›