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Pulse Is A Tiny Touch-Screened Fitness Tracker With Smart iOS Support [Review]

Withings' smart app is where the tracking happens.Connected gadgets are the hotness in tech right now. It seems like everyone is trying to track your activity during the day and your sweet sweet R.E.M.’s during the dark of night. Pulse by Withings Category: Fitness Works With: iPhone, iPod Touch Price: $100 Withings, makers of the Smart Scale and other connected tech., is […]

The post Pulse Is A Tiny Touch-Screened Fitness  [Read More…]

Whistle Launches First iPhone-Synced Wearable Fitness Device For Dogs


Wearable tech has really started to take off over the last two years thanks in part to fitness trackers like the Nike Fuelband and FitBit. But while those companies are worrying about humans, a new company called Whistle is launching a new fitness tracker specifically for mans best friend.

The Whistle Activity Monitor is a little on-collar device that will track all of your dog’s activities, including rest, walks, playtime, and  [Read More…]

Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Wristband Goes On Sale For $100

fitbit flex

The Fitbit Flex has officially gone on sale for $ 100 online and in U.S. retail stores. We saw the “OG fitness-tracking dongle” at CES earlier this year, where it was clear that Fitbit was trying to steal the mojo from competitors like Nike’s Fuelband and the Jawbone Up. Now the Flex is out in the wild, and users can be the judge.

Bluetooth 4.0 is used to connect the silicon wristband  [Read More…]

Moves Is A Fantastic Free Fitness App For The Rest Of Us [Review]

Monday was a good moving day.

Monday was a good moving day.

Moves is that rare thing on the modern App Store — a free app that has an enormous amount to offer. It’s magical in its simplicity, an app that asks no more than you switch it on and forget about it.

All you have to do is carry on with life. Moves tracks your movements, intelligently works out whether you’ve been  [Read More…]

Larklife Fitness Bracelet ‘Learns’ All Your Bad Habits,Tells You to Get Off The Couch

The Larklife fitness gadget doesn’t just lifelessly track all the mundane details of your life, like calories burned, miles trudged and hours snoozed away. No, this little thing actually learns your habits and tells you, in realtime, exactly what you should do to make yourself healthier.

the bracelet core wears a sweatproof wrap during the day; at night, you can slip it into a soft “pajama-inspired” band to track your  [Read More…]

Lark Fitness Tracker Stays Close To You 24/7

You know how it is with iOS-enabled fitness trackers: they’re like busses. You wait around for ages, and then three (or more) all turn up at once.

And the sweetest, cleanest-looking of those busses looks to be the Lark, a clever, wrist-mounted sensor which tracks your whole day, from daily exercise to nightly sleep.

The Lark’s coolest feature is its modular design. The sensor can be popped in and out of two wristbands, each  [Read More…]

BodyMedia Link Bluetooth Fitness Monitor Really Wants You To Hate It [Review]

BodyMedia’s Link puts the ‘F’ in ‘Fugly.’



Bodymedia’s Fit fitness tracker is a hideously ugly, and is supported by one of the most willfully customer-hostile web services I have ever seen. Yet despite this, it actually does its job very well.

There are two trackers, the $ 120 Core and the $ 150 Link. I tested the Link, which connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and to your Mac (or PC)  [Read More…]

New Withings Fitness App Now Tracks Training And Sleep

By huge coincidence, I downloaded the brand new Withings app moments after its launch, almost by accident. The new app, which is iPhone-only (or pixel-doubled on the iPad) until a future update arrives), does a much nicer job than the old one of tying together the data from Withings’ various health devices, and remains completely free.

Unlike the previous Withings app, the new one (call simply “Withings”) wants to be a hub for your health tracking. You can hook  [Read More…]

The Best Fitness Gadgets [Best Of]

It’s August, and you’re either on vacation, or leaving soon. The problem? You just tried to fit into last year’s swimsuit and – worse – you did it in front of the mirror. While it might be a little too late to lose that belly before you hit the beach this summer, take steps now and you’ll be a slimline hottie in time for Christmas and New Year, ready to undo  [Read More…]

Wahoo Fitness Dongle: The Sharpest Fitness Tool In Your Shed [Review]

Till January of this year, the Wahoo Key for iPhone($ 80) dongle pwned fitness on the iPhone. Why? Because the tiny,ubiquitousdongle gives the iPhone access to dozens of ANT+ sensors, and more fitness apps than any other system turning your iPhone into a fitness-tracking powerhouse. Then in January, Wahoo one-upped itself and introduced the Wahoo Blue Bluetooth heart-rate strap, which completely bypasses ANT+ and instead communicates via low-energy Bluetooth  [Read More…]