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These New iHome Earphones Come With a Fitness Coach

Presumably for those without an iPhone and its wealth of app-based fitness options, iHome has partnered with New Balance to offer a set of earphones packed with workout features, including a pedometer and a heart-rate monitor. The NB639 earphones are $ 99 and also comes with a voiceover thatíll announce calories burned, heart rate and distance. The unit syncs with bundled software that can analyze data recorded during your workout;  [Read More…]

This is Scoscheís New, Bizarrely Cool iPhone Fitness Appcessory

  Why bizarrely cool? Forget that itís an app-enhanced fitness gadget that sands data to your iPhone; sure, thatís neat, but there are a stack of devices out there doing the same thing. No, Scoscheís little myTREK fitness gadget is that nifty because it tracks bio data using a method straight out of the future ó it uses light beams. Using a pair of LEDs and a photo sensor, it  [Read More…]