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Apple seeded the second beta of iOS 7.1 to developers nearly a month after 7.1 beta 1 was released. Once again, Apple’s beta doesn’t contain any major new features but there are a couple useful tweaks that you’ll enjoy hidden… Read more ›     

Podcasts AppWhen the Podcasts app showed up a bit after the release of iOS 6, we were all excited that Apple was taking its unintended creation of a new media form seriously. While the app is fairly simple to use, there are subtleties that we might miss. Let’s take a look at some readers’ questions about [...]

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Heard App Lets You Record Sound From Five Minutes Ago

Unlike pictures, sound is ambient – you can hear it even when you’re not listening “at” it the same way you have to look at something to see it. And this goes for recording, too. While you have to point a camera at a thing to tape it, you can record sound even if the [...]

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ibooks_multipleWe’re still finding some great new features and tricks in OS X Mavericks beta, and while it’s not a huge overhaul like the more populare iOS 7 update, Mavericks has plenty of great things going on under the hood. And some of it even on top of the hood. Here are five more interesting tips [...]

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multiple_displays_menusOS X Mavericks beta, while not quite an overhaul as iOS 7, still carries quite a few new enhancements and features that you might not necessarily see at first glance. There are plenty of hidden features, which we’ve already detailed here on Cult of Mac, but more continue to be found. Lucky you, we’re here [...]

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Five More Hidden Features Of iOS 7 Beta [Feature]

iOS 7 Official AppleiOS 7 beta has a ton of new features, tricks, hidden things, and ways to get stuff done. We’ve been showing it all to you as we delve into the latest and greatest mobile OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for a few weeks now. But we’re not ready to stop. Here are even [...]

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Here Are The Five Things T-Mobile Will Announce Today

t-mobile_iphone5T-Mobile is hosting a big keynote today to announce a couple of new products and features that are coming to the network. So far the most exciting news is that customers can  join the new “Jump” program to upgrade their smartphone twice a year. Ina Fried at All Things D got the scoop on the [...]

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Rdio Now Allows Up To Five On Family Subscription Plan

baby-headphonesRdio has updated its family subscription plans to allow up to five people to enjoy its music streaming service at once. The family plans aim to prevent sibling squabbles over just one Rdio account, and they’re cheaper than buying separate subscriptions for everyone in the home. When you sign up to an Rdio family plan, [...]

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OS X Mavericks (named after a surfing hot spot in California) was announced recently, and it contains a ton of new features for Mac users to pore over and learn anew. While not as incredible an overhaul as the concurrent update to iOS 7, Mavericks still contains some fairly helpful features and additions to make it worth some poking around, even in the beta.

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iOS 7 Beta On iPhones

iOS 7 beta is fresh out of the gate, and already we’re finding a bunch of hidden and new features bundled into Apple’s latest revolution in mobile operating system software for iPhone. While we can’t guarantee these will work the same way–or even exist, to be honest–when iOS 7 comes out for real this coming fall, it’s a ton of fun dropping into the features and playing around  [Read More...]